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Jul 25, 2017 10:40 AM

These Belgium artists are TOTH, they recently released their new single "ODRA" Read my single review and give votes and comments underneath this review

After a decade of challenging its music across several albums, EPs, videos, alternative versions, remixes and European tours, THOT is going to bring a breath of fresh air in
the industrial-rock and post-rock genres with "FLEUVE, its new album (produced by
Magnus Lindberg from Cult of Luna) to be released 20th of October on Weyrd Son
Records. Our new music is an ode to the European continent and its cultural history, to nature’s immutable inspiration, to women and transcendence.


This Epic rock band from Belgium is THOT,  they have released other singles before which can be heard on their Bandcamp account, their genre is mainly rock music alternative rock and epic rock. More information about this band from Belgium can be found on the attached links in this review. 

The now my single review about " Odra" the intro is very dark and epic, then following up the massive rock drums and two amazing vocally singers one female and one male. The male singer has an amazing dramatic vocal, reminds me a bit of MUSE the same breathing while singing the notes. This song contains a lot of energy from the artists by playing and singing, when you listen to them you almost become as much energetic as they play. I love their way of making music, because of the dramatic touch they want us to hear in their music. The official video they made is also very dark and dramatic as their performances, and it is hearable in their lyrics. This is a very good epic dark rock band from my neighbor country Belgium, and their beautiful music has to be heard and shared around the world. I think when more rock related industry and enthusiasts, will hear their released song it will go viral in that genre. And not only in that genre, it is also a great song for the mainstream society in music. I really want to see them playing live on stage and perform in many countries, therefore share this wicked rock band as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.  





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