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Jul 27, 2017 12:04 PM

This is Danish pop singer/songwriter Bryan Rice and he has released his first new single from his upcoming new album " Hear me as I am", and he is been forwarded to me by Music City, he has permitted her to act on his behalf. Read my singles review on Chatsong and listen to his new singles, also comment underneath his review your feedback.

In 2005, Bryan Rice went directly to number one in the Danish charts with the smash hit ”No Promises” – one of the most iconic songs in Danish music history. Since then, he has released four albums, participated in the Danish Eurovision Song Contest finals, played a leading part in the Thomas Helmig Theatre concert and was nominated for Singer of the Year at the Danish Zulu Awards. Now, he is ready with the single ”Hear Me As I Am”, which is both the title song and the first foretaste of his fifth album to be released on ArtPeople in early 2015.

On 23 February 2017, Bryan Rice celebrated his 10 year anniversary on stage and will by releasing the album “Hear Me As I Am” and the single “Beat Of My Own Drum”.

At 14 the of April he did release his second single " Warriors" which I also will review and he has uploaded several videos and music on his other accounts from earlier dates. 

I will put them underneath this review, for you all to listen. the now my singles review. First, I will begin with " Beat of my own drum" it starts with great dance tunes and has an amazing rhythm, and at first, listen immediately a candidate for MTV and Billboard and much other bigger music channels. He is very good vocally, his music is produced very professionally and it is really a modern original song. This song when more audience will listen to it worldwide, he will be soon having lots of fans and I am one of them! Everything from this song is so good, this song has potential to become a worldwide known hit-song. The lyrics are understandable, his voice is unique and the dance tunes are amazing. 

Then we go to his newest single " warriors" and it is more a pop ballad, he immediately impressed me in the intro with his incredibly pure and trained vocal. And when I heard his voice I lost all my concentration by writing because it is so damned wonderful that I just want to listen to his music from this worldwide pop star from Denmark. The song is again professionally produced and has all elements to hit all charts and radio stations in this world. 

When he will be touring and signing autographs around the world  I am very thrilled his friend introduced me to this amazing singer and he stood on Chatsong with a review!

Like I told you I would put his other song underneath this review, and I stumbled across this song " I lied"  from two years ago but man what is this guy good. He sings many octaves easily,  and sounds all very pure and no any false note. The songs he has made are truly all beautiful, and I really want to highlight this duet as well " Watch the stars" with Emelia a female singer and she is also stunning as a vocal singer. this duet has also a high potential for a worldwide hit song and needs to be on major music channels and networks in this world. 

I have listened to most of his song from two years ago, and all of them are stunning and has a potential for international fame. I am really excited to hear more of his new Album, and till then share this new worldwide pop singer as much as you can and give votes and star ratings underneath this review






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