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Aug 4, 2017 10:08 AM

This is NewWave PostPunk band The Life and Death from London, their brand new ep this Heart has been broken is out now since 2016, read my review on chatsong and listen to their album gives votes and comments underneath this review

Bursting onto the scene, THE LIFE AND DEATH have injected a new energy into the London UK alt-rock underground, thrilling crowds with their emotional, dynamic live shows.

Following a packed show at one of London's best-loved underground venues – the Sebright Arms in Bethnal Green, east London – 2016 kickstarted with the release of a head-turning single – Hey Sister – and a stunning appearance at London's Lexington venue and concluded with a jaw-dropping performance at the beautiful and iconic George Tavern venue in London's East End.

Now THE LIFE AND DEATH step forward in 2017 with the release of their brand new EP – THIS HEART HAS BEEN BROKEN – songs of love, heartbreak, longing and sorrow in our troubled times.

Music for the lost, the hopeful and the brave of heart; come join with THE LIFE AND DEATH and let's go places.

This new wave post punk band from London is The Life and Death, they have released an album last year called " This heart has been broken" which I will be going to review now. So put your mind and ears and eyes at my review of this album, I will start with the first song on the album and that is " This heart has been broken". 

The intro starts with a mysterious vocal enhancer it seems, the usage of the enhancer in this song makes sense, it sounds good and fits the dramatic melodic tunes and lyrics. The song has many wicked rock sounds mixed with post punk, the rhythm and lyrics and tunes will stick in your head. This song has high potential to become a worldwide hit song in different genres such as synthpop, post-punk, new wave and rock.   

Their next single is " Leave me for dead" it has a totally different intro and sound, but what a magnificent vocal the lead singer has, and the lyrics they wrote belong to this song will reach your mind by the way they play and sing. This time I don,t hear a vocal enhancer or software so he can also sing very good without it. 

You can hear his voice sound even better in their other single " Hey sisters" especially in the intro and during the song, like all the other songs their lyrics are very good written. Each song I have heard so far is magnificently produced, has wonderful sounds and can become all a hit song their whole album I really love their style and tracks. 

My favorite till now is " Tell everyone" because in this song I can hear his own pure unique vocal with a little hoarseness, and when you hear him singing you hear how talented and good this singer is. He makes this song guided with the amazing instrumental sounds and players to a higher quality track. Not that the rest of their album is bad, totally not! Only this recorded song is so different than the others and shows that this are talented artists and by showing diversity in their tracks at the album makes them even more fascinating. 

I am very glad they asked for a submission of their album because this post-punk new-wave band is very amazing, and I believe when they play live they sound so good you won't get enough of their music. If you regularly check who has posted inside the chat forum, this band has posted it. 

If you want to hear a fresh and new style of new-wave and post-punk, listen to their whole album and share this review and their album as much as you can worldwide. So their music will be picked up by radio-stations record labels and off-course new fans! I am one of them now, love this style!




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