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Aug 7, 2017 11:01 AM

This is pop and R&b singer LeLe XO, she has just released a new single called " After Hours and has released other music earlier, read my review on chatsong about this singer-songwriter from Michigan more info can be found on her own website.




Where it all began

The 22-year old singer/songwriter, never choosing comfort over fashion, is a walking expression of the original artist she is.

Sterling Heights, Michigan Native Amanda McCauley, traded in her given name for her stage name LeLe XO when starting her music career in 2013.

At age 19, LeLe was given a personal invitation to attend an showcase event in Los Angeles, CA. The Detroit Diva wowed with her pipes with an impromptu break out performance during a runway showcase that sealed her destiny and made the move from Michigan worth every sacrifice. She started working producing radio ready music right after the event and has been making music ever since.

Lele XO sang before she could walk and as soon as she could stand on a stage she was performing in a variety of events and shows. Her past singing and acting credits, including being the lead singer in the cover band, Hot Rod, landing supporting roles in the films, along with doing background work for TV and shows thru Central Casting in Los Angeles.


This pop and R&B singer-songwriter is Lele Xo she is from Michigan and just releases her 6the and newest single which I will be going to review, even as the older releases. Above you can read how it all begun, more information can be found on her website in this review. Then now my review about this singer-songwriter and all her songs.  

I will start with her oldest release, and work towards to her newest debut single. Her oldest single is " Power" she made it two years ago,  the intro immediately starts with an amazing pop vocal when you listen very carefully, you hear similar vocals as Lady Gaga. The sound of the song is Cathy and very rhythmic, even some melodies have something from Lada Gaga. This song Power has high chances becoming a blast of a hit song, not because it has similar sounds as Lady Gaga but because it is a very danceable and beautiful sung track. 

Then we have " Money whore" it has a great intro with amazing EDM and Dance beats, the production of the song is very well done very professional. This amazing pop single has also very high chances of becoming a worldwide hit, it has all elements in it to get many fans and broadcast on every radio station. I like the style she uses it is almost similar to the well-known singer Lady Gaga, this can give her a lot of benefits by who ever love Lada Gaga style. 

If you listen to " Sugar Daddy" you hear a good catchy lyric but what I just wrote how similar the sounds, you can hear it especially in this song. But I know that she never wanted to have similar sounds, she just wanted to make good tracks and let me tell you till now they are very good produced. In my mind, I keep comparing it to Lady Gaga, only because of the same style I can't help it though. 

When you listen to " Wine and Dine" in the intro and the more calmer pieces you hear a different side and vocal of her which sounds also very good. Again beautiful dance beats and rhythms, again high chances of becoming a world known hit song. I am sure when music networks the bigger ones will listen to this, they are sold like me and then she will be standing on many music shows on tv. Or performing on the Video music awards among all the celebrities, and singing on stages with many celebrities and she earns that. 

Especially with this song " Patrollin Boyz", this is really high class produced music, and it could be easily played on bigger radio stations or on many tv channels for music. And you won't hear she is unsigned, I call this single a candidate for MTV unplugged or other MTV programs for new artists. 

I am ended at her newest debut single " after hours" I like the sounds and tunes and some fragments of her single, but in the beginning, I hear they used a vocal mastering. which I did not much have heard in her other singles. This is always a tricky thing to do as artists and producers because it can turn out good but also very bad. I know she is capable of making awesome pop music and can sing lovely this is not my favorite single of her but it isn't too bad as well. Anyway that is my personal opinion about the latest newest single, the other singles are marvelous and even celebrities has some songs on an album which are not their best but that doesn't mean they can't sing, or make amazing music on a high level and Lele Xo can do that!

So, She is really a good pop singer-songwriter and has stunning produced music, and has to be shared and heard worldwide because many of her song like I wrote above are hit song material! Therefore share this new born MTV and Billboard singer as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review





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