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This band is Morosity an Alt. Rock, Neo-Folk, Art Rock band, they released their album named " Lowtide" read my album review of them on chatsong, listen to their music and give votes and comments underneath this review.

They say a garden is to be the world unto itself. It had better make room for the darker shades of feeling as well as the sunny ones. In the vibrant garden scape that is the Minneapolis music scene, a scene that prides itself on positivity, MOROSITY provides that vital touch of gray. Cool, dark, and sulky. A welcomed change of pace for those who would rather brood in the shade versus soaking up the abundant sunshine.

Established in 2001 by childhood friends Jesse Albrecht (Vocal/Guitarist) and Dave Rowan (Guitarist) as a two-man acoustic group, the influence of bands such as Tool, Alice In Chains, Days Of The New, and Opeth, is hard to miss. Years of developing a sound all their own and opening locally for national acts like "V.A.S.T." and "Days Of The New" brought about a need for more band members to facilitate their expanding musical vision.

Adding Sean Bachinski (Bass) in 2007, and cycling through a few different drummers (you know how drummers can get) in the preceding years, the band reached its current roster In 2009 with the addition of Jason Wolfe (Violin, Guitar, Mandolin) and Nick Johnson (Drums). Writing/recording of Morosity's debut album MISANTHROPE (2011) began. The band had found its footing in a brooding one-two punch of sullen melodies and airy, haunting vocals in addition to a wider range of instrumentation at their disposal thanks in part to the multi-talented musician Jason Wolfe.

LOW TIDE (2017), the band's sophomore album, is their latest release to date. An upgrade in both musical arrangement by the band at large and overall production by lead vocalist Jesse Albrecht who records, mixes, and masters in his home studio EVENSONG STUDIOS. The album strays from rock tradition and wanders into a much more eclectic realm fusing tribal, psychedelia, folk and even touches of middle eastern influenced music, creating an audio plethora that is as much a journey as it is an album. Work on the band's third album is already underway.


This band Morosity has released their album " low tide" and some of the genres they play are new to me so I am very curious how that sound never heard of neo folk music. So now I am even more excited to listen to their album because I want how that all sound. All their information can be found on their website attached in this album review.

Then now my review, I will start with their oldest song from 5 years ago it is named "Breaking Vein" The intro starts with an acoustic guitar then after a few seconds there is lovely dark vocal sound with dramatic octaves low and high very beautiful. It separates them from much other rock bands, they use several acoustic instruments like violin and guitars, also their beautiful infringed vocal of this singer is very unique. I also think this is how neo folk sound, and it is really amazing. This song has all elements to become a worldwide hit song, it is very lovely produced and sung. 

Their song " Eve" also starts with darker sounded tunes with beautiful instruments, and has your attention at first listen. The song takes your full mind and ears captured, you are in a kinda trance listening to their marvelous tunes and vocal. It takes you literally on a pleasant ocean trip with, beautiful high and low tides. 

Wow, that acoustic song live  " Malpractice" live touches you in your inner side his vocals are very powerful and only guided by an acoustic guitar it shows he is a very good singer. There are some points to work on especially in the very powerful high octaves, but who cares and no one will notice that because the overall of this song is amazingly good. I am very impressed by this band, their lyrics their style and that vox vocal is unbelievably good. 

Then we have their single " Low tide" the same name as the album and again such a wonderful dramatic acoustic intro which embrace you totally, when you listen carefully this song has the same style as Muse. I am overwhelmed with their magnificent sounds, a long with the lead singer breathtaking dramatic vocals this song is really a very good potential to become a worldwide famous hit song. 

Oh man, what stunning this song " Ouroboros" it is like you hear it in the background of a movie and it takes you back in time to the Greek period with their instruments they used in it is very spectacular and a killer of a track.  In a good way though, I love the style of this single.

I am at their latest song it is called " Moon" this is different from all the songs I have heard before this is more a rock song although it is very nice record . And the vocal of the singer this time is sung with a little less drama but know you can hear how varied he can sing and how good.  It is a great alternative rock song, and that piece the singer does in a higher but calmer octave is stunning. 

Morosity has proven that they are varied and really talented, their album is full of great dark tunes and melodies and vocally it is on a high level. This band earned a broader audience and touring on stage in all the countries on this planet earth. I am sure a record-label and radio stations are just like me very impressed by this album of this band. They need to be heard and shared around this world, therefore share this review as much as you can and listen and share their album too. 




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