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Aug 11, 2017 11:13 AM

This is KITTO, and she has mixed her thoughtful and profound lyrics, with her love of Atmospheric Electronic and Drum & Bass music, to create a sound that is truly her own! Read my music review on Chatsong, listen to her songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.


In an interview KITTO said, “That feeling you get when you're sitting in front of a fire, with your loved ones, drinking
hot chocolate or a cup of tea is a very similar feeling I get inside when I write music, it feels like home. I write and make music because I am extremely passionate and have a love for it. I personally don't think you can get a better feeling than when you connect with an audience through music, you have written from the heart. This is why I do what I do.”
This singer-songwriter is Kitto, she is from Hertfordshire and has been releasing various singles throughout 2017, more information about this young singer can be found on her website below.

Now then, for my review about her recently released singles, which are available on all digital outlets.
I will start with a song from 2 years ago " Sing Me The Blues" and damn what a great vocal range she has. She has a similar sound to Britney Spears; you know that hoarseness in her vocal? It is amazing and suits her very well. Leah McFall beautifully wrote “Sing My The Blue”, but KITTO’s version is only guided by guitar. There is no doubt the vocal range she uses really belongs among the best singers worldwide. I hear so many different vocalists in her voice but that is a habit of mine. He voice is original, unique and it is damn good. I predict this singer-songwriter will soon be touring worldwide and performing on stages with other trending musicians.
KITTO has also covered a song, which I will put underneath her review. It is incredibly sung and therefore needs to be heard, even though it is another cover song, the world needs to know and hear this talent.

Now we are onto her single "Our Corruption.” In the intro she immediately shows a different side to her voice, with a calming a vocal. When she does touch on the higher octaves of her range it gives you goose bumps. I find it unbelievable how good she can sing and the lyrics behind the song are very touching and are thought provoking

Lastly I am going to talk about her single "Impact." She starts immediately with her lower range, which is so pure and has a quality that you can only dream of. If I must compare this singer with artists who are famous worldwide, I would prefer to hear her on global music TV shows and festivals or radio stations. I would rather buy an album from this talented artist than from Katy Perry, which proves how incredible her music is.
She will soon be discovered by bigger labels, radio stations and fans worldwide, this is from unprecedented class. To make this happen for this brilliant singer, share this review and her released singles as much as you can.





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