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@tonyparker7777 alias Soldier

@tonyparker7777 alias Soldier

Aug 16, 2017 12:37 PM

This is artist singer/songwriter multi instrument player Tony Parker With BMI, he has released some songs on his youtube channel and other accounts. Which I will be going to review, read my review on chatsong and listen to his music.

This singer-songwriter is Tony Parker alias Soldier, he is a multi-instrumentalist and is BMI registered. He has made several diverse songs in different genres I would like to highlight the songs I believe is going to hit the international music world. 


This singer-songwriter has an amazing raw voice, and therefore this song Land of the free fits more by his amazing raw rock vocal, Land of free is brutal and is a brilliant mix between metal and EDM very originally my preferences go to that song. 

And this song " soldiers " is really marked for his voice everything seems to fit, the sound of the song, his amazing raw voice and the instruments from the drum and guitars. This could easily be played on many rock and metal festivals, radio stations and I am sure rock and metal enthusiasts would love this!

The version of " MARRYU" on youtube is way clearer recorded than on his SoundCloud and this version is lovely great lyrics, great raw rock voice, and sounds.  

Also, when you listen to this song " Wish you were here" shows his beautiful raw vocals and this song is very enjoyable and well-written with that lovely sounding acoustic guitar. This really fits his voice, hopefully, he will make more of these. 

This singer can for sure sing and make great music, only I suggest that he have to record more metal and rock-combined with Edm. A few of his tracks are amazing to listen, especially the mix of metal and dance.

No doubt this singer-songwriter has to be shared he has some good tracks and that need some known and listeners, so if you read this share this as much as you can. 




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