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Aug 17, 2017 10:20 AM

Rock trio Gordon Alive from Glasgow, Uk. Find our debut album, Strange Days, FREE at; Bandcamp, Facebook and Reverb Nation. Read my single review on chatsong, listen to their music and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Formed in Glasgow in 2009 by Jonny and Paul, Gordon's Alive! released their debut
EP "Strange Days" and played all over the country before Tony joined the band in
2015. To date, the band have supported acts such as "Gun" , "Mason Hill", "Saxon",
and "Romeo's Daughter" In June of 2017 the band released their EP "All These Days"
available for digital download via Itunes, Amazon and Spotify

This band is Gordon Alive, more info can be found on their facebook page. They have released an album 3 years ago called " Strange days" which can be heard on the attached link in this review. They recently released a new album Which has the name " All these Days" and I will be going to review " Bleed with Me " and " All these days".

I can,t find " Love or Pride" maybe they will send me later on for a review. Then now my single review about the two new songs from their album which can be purchased below.

I will start with " bleed with me" which they have sent me, The intro is immediately awesome heavy drums and guitars, that promises something good. The lead singer has a very pleasant voice, and with the background sounds of all these magnificent hard rock instruments with a melodic touch makes this a potential for many rock and hard rock music networks. And I sure when they play live it sounds even better, man that solo guitar piece in it wow very professionally. This is a good rock song as it has to be, perfect timing perfect sounds, great lyrics, and a lovely voice.

Then we have their newest release from the album " All these days" and again the intro is incredibly rocking,  it has a lovely mix of melodic and rock tunes. The songs on his own have a great rhythm it looks on blues combined with hard rock and melodic vocals. This song has high potential to be on every hit charts, radio station it is very well produced. This band can become well known very soon with this song, such as MUSE and other well-known rock bands. They play on the same high-level with their performance and input, that you barely hear a difference whether they are unsigned or not. There are some sounds in this song, which remind me of a tune of another band but I can't come up with the name at the moment. 

And an important note if I compare these new recordings to the older recordings I prefer this one, but there are two songs I heard as well and those songs are also a high potential for a worldwide hit song it is named " Dirty Fool" and " Sex machine" Dirty fool"  has a great rock vibe nice written lyrics and the vocal used  in this song is very good. It has a lot of power and fits more by the sounds and rocking instruments. And maybe one his best vocal performance as well, I would listen to this all day long. This is an amazing produced rock song and is perfect for many festivals and even to become on many music charts across the globe. 

That other song " Sex machine" somehow this fits more by the band and vocal of the lead singer, also the message in the lyrics comes better over. The intro of this song is also very lovely with the drums and guitars it reminds me of the rock music in the early years and that is Magnificient to hear.


This band is a very good rock band, especially with their new album and some songs from the older recordings. But I am sure a lot of rock and hard rock music enthusiasts would become a groupie of this band and will buy tickets for seeing and hearing them live on stage, and buy their album. 

this band and their album and music has to be heard for sure around the world, therefore share this review as much as you can






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