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Aug 18, 2017 12:04 PM

Steam Shed's musical style ranges from blues to jazz to steampunk - original songs & reimagined covers. Read my review on chatsong, listen to their music and give votes and comments underneath this review

We are Steam Shed. You can't pigeonhole us into one music genre. Richard and
Heather is the songwriting duo that creates most of our songs, bittersweet lyrics of
love gone wrong, comment on the world around us and even one about skydiving...
The four of us come from very different musical backgrounds - and it shows. If you stick
a couple of prog rockers with a punk rocker and a folk/choral/opera singer, it's always
going to be interesting.

It's like this: Imagine we have a Shed where we make music. It's all powered by steam,
but some of it is coal fired, some of it is solar powered and some of it is nuclear
powered... You'll never quite know what's coming next.
We're working on our first EP. We're performing live in Hampshire and Wiltshire (UK).
We just want to share our music with others and hopefully inspire them and get them

These musicians are Steam Shed and play music with their heart and not play one genre, they have put various music styles together. They are from the UK and have recorded some songs which I will be going to review now. I will start with their snippet of a rehearsal and their vocal singer she has a very good acoustic voice and can sing varied notes. 

Then we have the song " Johnny B Good" the woman who sings has a very nice high vocal sound and she can sing amazing on the rhythm of the song has a good timing as well. If this song gets produced in a studio, it will be a master of a hit song. This song has great potential for jazz and blues festivals and radio stations, my compliment for this performance only guided by instruments. 

This song " School's out" has a very rhythmic intro, and her vocals are pure and so lovely to hear the magnifient blues and jazz sounds by her vocals. She has a heart warming vocal sound, some can think it seems the same in every recording. Only I hear different octaves even the voice seems the same, and it is a lovely vocal sound. 

Especially in this song " Got it so wrong" the vocal sound the tunes it really is lovely to listen, great written lyrics. Her voice touches you, But I would like to hear more of that amazing vocal. 

Then there is their newest song " miserable Tuesday which has a great intro as well and has more power with the great dreams and guitars. This song is really one of their best, and I really love the combination with the opera she does. This is a tricky thing to do combine rock and opera but this sounds really awesome. Only the volume of the song is soft or maybe my ears are starting to become deaf haha

I really love all their songs, and I am very excited to hear what comes next. Because they surprise you in every song you can not expect or predict what will come, and I like that. 

These musicians have to be heard and I hope professional record studio, will here and there tune-up some recordings to make it even better!  So give them a chance being heard worldwide and hopefully get a record deal or radio airplay, therefore share this review as much as you can 




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