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Aug 21, 2017 10:24 AM

This 4 piece band is Milk N' Honey From Charlotte NC, read my album review on Chatsong, listen to their songs and give votes and comments underneath this review. "Infectious, danceable rock 'n roll. Check out our new EP, Floor of Diamonds on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud and more! "

We are a group of 4 North Carolina musicians that thrive in the power of creating original music and the impact it has on an audience. We recently released our second EP, Floor of Diamonds

MNH was founded in 2015 when guitarists and songwriters, Claiborne Williams and Brian Dorcy met while playing outside their residence hall at UNC Charlotte. Shortly thereafter, they began writing and composing music. The songs that emerged out of these first sessions became popular amongst live audiences in Charlotte that the duo decided to take it a step further. The addition of Ryan Phillips on the bass guitar brought an entirely new element to the band. With his stylistic high energy funk mixed with beautifully crafted bass lines, MNH began writing and recording music. The latest expansion of the group happened when drummer Ryan Chabon added his punchy balance and smooth rhythms to bring MNH to its sound today. 

After recording their first EP “Gone”, MNH went on to play shows in Charlotte and Raleigh over the summer of 2016. They started playing open mics, record shops, and college campuses but eventually took their rock n’ roll to stages and theatres all across North Carolina. After the release of their single “Momma’s Kitchen”, Milk N’ Honey connected with their audience after dropping their songs on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play. MNH now plans on touring, releasing and recording more new music, giving everyone a taste of one of the sweetest high energy rock n’ roll groups of today.



This 4 piece band is Milk N' Honey who recently released their second EP Floor of Diamonds which I will be reviewing on Chatsong, read it all here. Above you can read their biography and more information can be found on their own website. 

Now my review, the first song I will review is " Riverbed" It has a beautiful intro because they all sing together and sound really spectacular. Following up with a magnificent rhythmic sound, which has a great vibe with music that lets your body dance. The vocal of the lead singer is intriguing because he sometimes sings the song but also talks through the song, it keeps you interested to hear more of the song. 

Their next song is " Tuesday morning" which has a different intro that is more up tempo and contains more rock sounds. In this song Claiborne’s performance reminds me of some great bands, the way he brings the lyrics and sings. I do not come up with the name of those bands, but this song is really amazingly recorded. It swings, it has lovely blues and rock sounds and Clai’s vocal has something that keeps you listening. 

This song " American whiskey" I like the lyrics and there is that rare sounding tune while playing the guitar which keeps you fascinated, it isn't their best song but it is a nice recording and is unique how they brings over the song, there are many good parts especially when the lead vocalist uses more drama in his voice and sings higher octaves. Though some parts are not his best while singing, but there are parts in other songs where you can hear he can sing very well. 

I am at their last song " Gold " and this sounds like a typical indie rock song, I must say I hear better vocals from the lead singer in this one maybe because the octave he does while singing is fit for his voice just perfect and that piece on the end is wicked with the tunes and instruments. All of those things make this song a potential favorite for many radio stations, labels, and indie music fans around the world.

This band has got definite potential in their songs, the lyrics they wrote are good and unique and the EP contains very lovely tunes and melodies combined with rock sounds by the band's instrument players. The pieces they harmonize together are lovely. Therefore this EP and their music have to be heard and shared, around the world. 


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