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@Networktheband twitter and facebook

@Networktheband twitter and facebook

Aug 22, 2017 11:01 AM

Read my music review about a Melodic rock band Network. Joe Tavano-piano, acoustic guitar, vocals; Tony Shannon-guitar; Stephen Shannon-drums. Songs were written by Joe Tavano. Joe Tavano does also a side project as an artist, more classical and piano artwork which I will put his link in this review as well for you to listen.


We are a San Diego, California band consisting of me, Joe Tavano (piano, acoustic guitar, vocals, songwriter) Tony Shannon (guitar) and his brother Stephen Shannon (drums).  We describe our sound as a melodic rock.  We are working on our first CD right now, recording and releasing one song at a time. Our musical influences come from bands like Pink Floyd, Supertramp, early Elton John, Alan Parsons Project, ELO.


This Melodic rock band is Network from California San Diego, They have also posted in the chat forum two music video for you to listen and to share! Then now my review about this band, more information you can read above or on their music pages. 

I will start with the first song on top and that is " Let me breathe" the intro immediately begins with amazing instrumental guitar and sounds, the lead singer has a beautifully grown and mature vocal sound. Together with the lovely catchy tunes in their song and the written lyrics this song has a high potential for many music networks in any form.  This is a song that can score many audiences and known around the world.  Very well produced, I could listen to this for weeks. 

Then we have the song " Dance over " and wow that intro immediately starts with beautiful dramatic sounds, according to the lyric it is meant to be heavy and dramatic. The melodic sounds and dramatic vocal make this song incredibly good. What beautiful tunes and melodies they have chosen for the production of this song, man they are good.  I have no words, no criticize at all I am really impressed and in a trance listening to their song. Especially the guitar solos Especially the guitar solo's at the end of both songs capture you completely, so stunning. 

Wow, beautiful the intro of this track " Enough" with the upbuilding piano and rock instruments you immediately have in your mind this is going to be a masterpiece and it is. The complete track is produced amazingly, this is high craft professional musicianship work. In this song, there is a piece where he sings a higher octave which sounds fit for him he has to do that more often.  He can also sing in the lower octaves but his voice seems to exploit more in the higher octaves.  I am at their latest song " Leave this now 

I am at their latest song " Leave this now" and man that octave he does in the intro is Magnificient it is calmer and higher which is his strongest part vocally as a singer in my opinion. This song is a beautifully written song and has lovely tunes and melodies, which put this song as a high potential. So far all the songs they have recorded are of high-quality and professionalism that gives this band a start in getting heard worldwide and performing on many stages around the world. Therefore share these brilliant musicians as much as you can and give votes and comments. 






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