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Aug 24, 2017 8:55 AM

Cherie Rain (Karine Catenacci) is a singer/songwriter, multi-genre composer/arranger, and multi-instrumentalist, residing in Queens, NY and working on releasing her upcoming single this summer, with a full album to drop later this year. Her latest single, The Haunted House was released this past winter. Her artist management( @YUJIWickedDream) posted her video in the chat forum and submitted her for a review on chatsong, so read my single review and give votes and comments underneath this review

Cherie (meaning “beloved,” the same as Karine) prides herself with a passion for playing anything from metal to funk to hip hop. “I immerse myself in anything where I find true passion and the freedom to create.” The artist who is most often compared to Portishead, Tori Amos, and Fiona Apple, began playing the piano at age 6. By 12 years old, the gifted musician was teaching other students, some of whom were many years her senior. She honed her songwriting skills throughout high school and began arranging music for other performers.

After meeting her husband Chris, famed rapper Mr. Hyde (Psycho+Logical- Records), on the music scene in NYC, she not only found love and a collaborator in music but a support system to help her journey into sobriety. They married in 2009 and are currently working on an EP to be released later this year as musical duo Bonnie & Hyde.

“It was the rainstorms in my life that promoted my growth and depth of character, allowing me to cherish my hardships for the lessons it taught me and the person it made me.“ It’s no coincidence that these “rainstorms” inspired her stage name. Cherie is also the keyboardist for a hip-hop/funk/soul fusion trio, White Ebony, with fellow musicians Kareem Denis and Vic Orena. She is not fulfilled unless her plate is
filled with projects that speak to the various ways she chooses to express herself. With two EPs on the horizon and a growing community who see their reflection in Cherie Rain’s expression of her own pain and triumphs, you can rest assured this the storm isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

This versatile artist is Cherie rain, she has just released her debut single " The haunted house" from the upcoming album which will be released next year. Her music video you can listen inside the chat forum, it is posted by her artist management Yuji Watanabe and his website is http://www.wickedd-am.com/

More information about him and his artist's management can be found on his website and more information about Cherie rain can be found on her website.

Then now my review about this singer-songwriter and her debut single, the intro start with beautiful piano sounds and then comes her vocal which is really high-class sounding. She can sing very pure and with a lot of emotions which brings,  the song perfect over to the listeners. It is so beautiful you literally you just want to stop writing and listen to her to her amazing vocals and instrument work.

The past few days I listened to brand new singles on MTV, most of the songs I heard were with lyrics with a deeper message and with emotions. It seems that songs with good lyrics and emotional messages or stories are coming back in the music world. It was away for a while because everyone wanted to score with beats and dance tunes with no content in the lyrics, luckily more and more artists bring the drama and well-written lyrics back in our lives and Cherie Rain is one of them! The dynamic this song has with those dramatic but amazing tunes could easily fit the rest what was played there. This singer-songwriter is very talented and this single mark my words will become an international hit song on radio stations, by record labels,  music fans and any other music network such as MTV or Billboard. 

I am looking forward to hearing her complete album next year, she is already a pop star for me. This is a singer-songwriter to keep an eye on, she will become soon very famous and be performing worldwide with this amazing debut single. Therefore share this multi versatile artist as much as you can and her wonderful music. 






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