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Aug 25, 2017 10:46 AM

This is singer-songwriter Marios Papalexis inspired by music, he started performing as soon as he could in various bands and groups, throughout his twelve years old and gradually developed the musical tastes that create his signature today. Read my review on chatsong, listen to his songs and give votes and comments!


Marios Papalexis inspired by music, he started performing as soon as he could in various bands and groups, throughout his twelve years old and gradually developed the musical tastes that create his signature today. Marios uses his far ranging tastes when creating his own unique music. His songs explore many messages we receive daily about the most powerful of human emotions.Love. The singer, songwriter and musician from Athens, Greece has been a music lover for a long time and gains inspiration for his tracks from musical idols such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Deep Purple to name just a few. Marios began performing and writing songs from a young age, inspired by his own father who was also a musician. Performing with several bands over the course of his musical career has helped the performer to hone his vocals and improve professionally. Producing his own music is very important to Marios, creating tracks in his own small home recording studio allows the singer to craft his own unique sound. Marios has not always had time to focus solely on his musical aspirations; as a young man he played basketball for the Greece National Youth Team before moving on to become a flying steward with Olympic Airlines for 14 years.”

 Beneath you find some details about the collaboration and productions of his music,  these all contributed to his music so they need to be mentioned in this review. 

Tasos Grypaios Guitars on 'This song's for you my love' Alexandros Yannaras Guitars on 'Let me be with you',' It's been a long time (Sans toi)',' Come dance with me', My summer love' Stelios Macryplidis Guitars on 'I see the sun (When I look into your eyes). 'I didn't know', Take me with you' Alexandros Mouzouk on Guitars on 'I've been waiting' Marianna Symchri Vocals on 'It's been a long time(Sans toi)Remastering by iMixing Pro

This Greece singer-songwriter is Marios Papalexis, above you can read his biography and influences which also can be found on his website. This artist makes music in various genres from folk, rock, house to more so very interesting. The songs he made is a very long list so I try to listen to each of them, I will start with the latest single on his account and work towards the newer ones.

So the first song I will be going to review is " My summer love" the song has a catchy intro following up with lovely movie theme tunes and his voice is enjoyable which makes this song a good potential dance song. He is from Greece, you can hear a little accent but that does not interfere the song.

His other song is a pop ballad " Let me be with you " the song has a lovely calm intro and I like the rhythmic melodies on the background of the song. In this song, the accent is more hearable but it stays a lovely pop ballad. He is not the best vocal singer but he is sure a good singer and has lovely produced songs. 

In this song " I see the sun" I can hear his vocals better, I must say this song is a great produced ballad. it has beautiful melodies and tunes, and he shows diversity in his vocal reach. I like his voice more in the higher octaves, it gives a better impression and suits his voice the best. Also, there seems to be a second male singer in this song, and together it sounds lovely but I also thinking it can be only him. 

The intro of this song " Take me with you " with the start of the higher vocals is very good. There are very good vocal parts in this song, but some notes he does not seems to reach them completely But I know he can reach them because in some other songs he easily hits these notes. Especially in this song " I've been waiting" there he can reach these higher notes and it sounds beautiful but when he goes a tone lower it is not his best part. I think he needs to continue in the higher octaves because that is just his best part as a singer. And I do not want to offend this singer, but only want to make him better because he has potential in him for sure. 

When you compare the older recordings and vocal parts to this song he recorded " Love is strange it is so different and way better, he has a little hoarseness in his voice but vocally he sounds very pure in this one. In this song the emotion in his song is hearable and it so improved that makes this song his best vocal part and written song. If he keeps singing in this style he will go viral very quickly this is a song which will hit very music enthusiasts.

He has done a remastering of the song I reviewed earlier " I see the sun" and how funny it seems to be he has listened to my advice already haha. Because his voice is magnificent in this recording so amazingly changed and way better. I told you he could reach it, and he did in this one wow I am impressed now by this vocal input!

I really love the remastered versions of the older songs also from this one " This song for you my love" from the intro till the end it is a marvelous recorded song, great vocals great sounds and stunning instruments parts this remastered song has higher chances of being known worldwide by record-labels, radio, and other music networks and fans. 

He has made a dubstep track, which is very cool and has some good dubstep beats in it. The song is named " can you dream of love" very originally and risky but it sounds great. 

It is a longer review than normal but that is because he made several tracks and I try to listen carefully to them all, there are songs that have some great potential in many ways and some songs that aren't his best recordings in vocal reach. But my final opinion about this versatile artist from Greece is, he has for sure talent and can in certain songs sings marvelous, his vocals are the best in his higher octaves and the songs are beautifully written so his music has to be heard for sure around the world, he has songs with high potential for worldwide hits. Therefore share this review as much as you can and give votes or comments underneath this review. 






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