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Aug 29, 2017 10:43 AM

this is singer songwriter Luisa Garcia, she has posted her info inside the chat forum. Which made me decide to have a listen to all of her songs she has uploaded at her accounts. Read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give votes and comments underneath this review. quote of herself "I am a singer who is looking to promote myself. I can do covers, write my own music and can also play the keyboard. I am available for weddings, bars, etc."

This is singer-songwriter Luisa Garcia, she hasn't yet a biography. When she does have one I will correct this review with her biography. She is from England, and she is available for weddings, bars and more to perform on stage. And maybe after listening to her music for much more than only for weddings.  So here we go, I will start the review with her oldest song " daddy" the intro is very beautiful just with a piano and then comes her amazing pure vocal voice and it is unbelievable how well trained she can sing in different octaves.  I can hear the emotions in her song, and it so good written by herself. This singer-songwriter is one who will soon become known in all different countries there are, this is an undiscovered talent. 

Then we have the song " My Love" also written and composed by herself and wow it so touching with the piano and her amazing vocally sound. This song literally breaks your heart when you listen to the lyrics and her touching vocals. I can feel the pain she has gone through and when she does the high octaves it gives you goosebumps and I am a sensitive person and she has touched my emotion while listening to this amazing written song. 

Some of her recordings are troubled because I think she records them at home sitting behind the piano and then record them, probably the recording equipment is further away from the microphone. Besides that this song " So long" has beautiful written lyric and the intro the lower octaves seems not to be her best part as a vocal singer. But it can also come through the record equipment and microphone Because I know she can sing marvelously and especially in the higher notes. These notes are her strongest part as a singer and when you listen to that you totally melt down (in a manner of terms) as a listener. 

Her other song is " thank you" and the intro is wonderful with that humming, that humming gives you as listener an impressing that she can sing pure. Another great written song and in this song her lower octaves are better hearable and those are stunning now as well. it is a shorter song, but what you hear is so damned good. 

I like when she hums in the intro of this song " I always Be near" and wow in this song you can hear how good she can sing, and how powerful and pure her vocals are especially that high note at the end of the song. I have no words, I am speechless. 

She can do so many with her vocals, you can hear that in this song she has sung " We belong" and I love the jazz rhythm she played on the piano and she plays with the notes while singing and it is damned amazing.  

I am blowing away by this singer-songwriter, her vocal performances are stunning. and even she only plays the piano she has diversity in her vocal sounds also in this amazing song " The world to me" I do not want to write anymore, only listen to this new star worldwide this exceptional high class sang music. There are a few high notes, that not all can reach as a singer and even famous singers not always. And this singer does reach that and that makes her really outstanding. 

It is really impressive how she sings acoustic, you really need to hear this song " sorry" the ad libs are so amazing, and that while playing the piano. That is not an easy thing to combine, singing and playing altogether you have to be very good will you can concentrate on both of it! 

She has written a song " Dear Mumma" and it is dedicated to her mother and it made me cry because her vocals and the lyrics are wonderfully in this song. it has been a long time ago since a singer made me cry, her written song reminds me of my own mother and the band we have but I never tell her and now I realize I should tell her. Because she has supported me in the heavy times in my life, so I really get recognition out of this song and that is what music can do with you.  

I am at her latest song and her newest song " I'm so in love with you" and this is professionally recorded I hear that in the tunes and melodies it sounds all so good. A real difference between her recordings at home and this amazing song. Which I now hope that all of her recordings at home will be a record by the same producer? and hopefully, they make an album together that would go viral around the world. And I have written a lot that her vocals are stunning and even way better than many famous singers but in this song, she sounds even more powerful! this song is a high potential for MTV Billboard and much other big music television and radio station around the world! By the way, all her songs are amazing and need to be heard shared and hopefully, she can record her album and perform worldwide at different festivals and concerts. Therefore share this review with this new worldwide star as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.




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