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@KRBYmusic and @LizzVegaLove

@KRBYmusic and @LizzVegaLove

Aug 31, 2017 12:31 PM

This is ASCAP Artist & Producer KIRBY and Professional Drummer for @Toyconner and produced several songs for singer-songwriters. She submitted one of her artists Lizz Vega for single review on Chatsong, So read my review about them both here and listen here to their music.

 Short biography:

Singer Lizz Vega started her musical journey 8 months ago and developed her sound from the world surrounding her. After a month of teaching herself guitar and composing her own music, she started to play at train stations located around Los Angeles in hopes to inspire people. With her bluesy jazz influence, she tugs at your heart strings and sends you on a musical journey of self-discovery.



This is singer Lizz Vega she has just released her newest debut single " Free" produced by KRBY who has posted the Itunes link from their single inside the chat post music forum for you to listen. Also, she has submitted their song for a review on Chatsong, a little biography of this singer can be found above. More music about this singer can be found here https://www.youtube.com/user/ItsElizabetch/videos  and here https://soundcloud.com/lizzvega/tracks

A little bit more info about KRBY 

"KRBY is a female producer, drummer & vocalist Starting on the drums at age 12 and evolving into a pop punk drummer by age 16, she was full speed ahead from the very beginning.KRBY has performed with a number of bands primarily as a drummer, as a solo singer/songwriter and as a professional DJ.While studying post sound at Columbia College Chicago she began experimenting with remixing and production. Her music and productions can be found here https://soundcloud.com/krbchicago

KRBY is currently producing tracks for a variety of up and coming artists out of Los Angeles, a well as the drummer for recording artist Toy Connor"

Then now my review about their debut single " Free" by Lizz and Kirby, The intro starts immediately with a beautiful voice, she has a great vibe in her vocals. I can hear beautiful ad libs, all she sings is pure this is for sure a singer with a talent. The production of the song is beautiful as well, she gives this singer all her space to show what she can do vocally and the tunes and sounds are low in the background. Which makes this production a high-level recording, it is clean and very professionally done. This song has high potential to become a worldwide known song and be soon played on several big music networks such as MTV and Billboard and much more. And in my opinion way better than some releases from celebrities, this is music that the world should  hear . Can't wait on more releases of this producer and all of her artists, they need to be heard and shared around the world, therefore, share this single review as much as you can give votes and comments underneath this review






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