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@leloftmusic and @MelanieWaite3

@leloftmusic and @MelanieWaite3

Sep 3, 2017 10:08 AM

Song Writer Alan Richard, also Producer, and Independent Label has recorded several songs with Melanie Waite which I will be reviewing here on Chatsong. They recently released their new single " Turn me Loose" and more is on the way.

Recorded and mixed at Leloftmusic studios, Turn me Loose was professionally mastered at the world famous Abbey Road studios to give it that final edge so loved by music fans. 
This is songwriter and producer, also an independent label and he has recorded a couple songs with singer-songwriters  Melanie Waite, Dani Gallagher, and Joanne Pollock. 
 Their newest release is " Turn me Loose" sung by Melanie Waite but I saw on his other accounts older songs that made me off course curious to have a listen to these as well. You never know which hit song or amazing song is in it, So here we go. 
Their oldest song is " You will be free" sung by Joanne Pollock. The song has a catchy intro and very rhythmic, it has nice melodies and her vocals in this song are marvelous. This kinda groove does me remind of the old days, from the hippie period so lovely. Oh wow this singer has a long breath and all pure she can sing so stunning high notes, this is damned good.
Then we have " Line of Fire"  also sung by Joanne Pollock again a wonderful intro with great tunes and melodies, also this song has an old style vibe her vocals do remind me of several famous singer from that time.  If this song was known around that time, they would be known worldwide. Everything is good in this song, This is what I call undiscovered talent this is stunning music and great produced quality song. 
Their next single is " Peace from your advice" sung by Joanne Pollock.  The intro consists immediately a beautifully humming note, then followed up with her amazing acoustic voice which is so beautiful you get goosebumps. This singer can sing every note it does not matter if it is a low one or higher one, she just can reach it naturally. I am really impressed by her vocals, and the produced music by Alan Richard aka Leloftmusic. 
And there is one song I want to highlight it is called " Self-help" sung by Danni Gallagher. IT starts with a beautiful bluesy intro and followed up with her so damned good vocally voice. Her voice is so powerful and sounds so stunning in this song. This song fits by her vocals, she is born for this soul and blues music. The other songs are lovely as well, but this one is one of her best vocal performances it just suits her this genre. 
I am now at their latest and newest song " Turn me Loose" This song has also a very lovely blues and soul vibe in the intro. I believed I also heard both of them singing in this song. If you listen to this you want to dance, this is a perfect song for many festivals and radio stations it gives you great vibes. This song has a high potential to go viral around the world if more music related networks, fans, and enthusiasts listen to this song. Which they totally deserve with their great produced songs they made so far, Therefore share these  talented artists as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review as much as you can.

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