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@rainonmonday1 twitter + producer @thomasharsem twitter

@rainonmonday1 twitter + producer @thomasharsem twitter

Sep 4, 2017 11:59 AM

I'm Rain on Monday from Sweden and I'm promoting my debut single "Kill My Love", recorded by the German producer Thomas Harsem. Read my debut single review on chatsong, listen to his music and give votes and comments

This indie Indie-pop artist from Sweden is Rain on Monday, and he and his producer Thomas Harsem just have released their first debut single " Kill my love". Read my single review about their debut single on Chatsong, the song starts with amazing 70 and 80the synths and tunes which make the song already interesting. It is if you go back to the older times in music century, only they have made a modern song from it. What I love about the vocal of this singer is, it is very mature and he has a hoarseness while singing and can sing very pure. All together with the melodies and production is this a song which can be a potential for much pop music and normal radio stations, music lovers and related music networks. I love their debut single, and can't wait what they will make more. I am already a fan of them, I hope when you all read and listen this review you will be too!

These talented artists from Sweden need to be heard and shared with their lovely pop song, therefore share this as much as you can. 





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