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Sep 6, 2017 12:09 PM

This is indie blues singer-songwriter Chase Shellee, her phrase "Some Blues, Some Grey, a little of this and a little of that, and then some." she has made an album "High on maybe" read my album review on chatsong and listen to her songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

There is a story here with characters we either are or have been or have yet to become. On the way, it is not hope itself but the muddied, uneven, and slightly hidden path leading to it that becomes closest to us. This first album deals greatly with the past, but at its very center suggests a possibility of taking back whatever power or light was either taken from us or we so foolishly, or naively, gave away. “Meri” is dedicated to my friend Meri Williams, whose light was extinguished far too early. It is written out of respect for her and out of empathy for what she battled. “High On Maybe” is dedicated to my mother, whose fiery compassion and fearless love have literally saved my life. Each song is an intimate friend, but I know you will find your own stories in them, or yourself, use them how you will. I have found the path to hope to be a difficult one, always looking down to see what is going to stub your toe or catch your ankle, and going on can weary even the most hardened of us. May these songs, these stories, nudge you further down that path, may you find exactly where you are and realize it is alright, and keep going at whatever pace your heart beats too. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get there. -Chase Shelleé

From the Philippines and Florida, with a few stops in between, these stories and songs have been in the making for quite a while. I began writing first at the age of 5, and the music found its way in and lit everything up.

This indie blue singer-songwriter is Chase Shellee, above you can read her biography and on her website, you will find more social accounts and music and videos. Then now my album review, about this compassioned singer. 

The first song on the album is " It's not that" the intro begins with impressive acoustic sounds and an amazingly pure vocal sound. Which immediately grab your attention, she has a vocal reach which gives you goosebumps. The song is beautifully written and composed, this is high-class music. This song could be easily ended up on MTV, Billboard, and many other related music networks, it is incredible how talented she is. 

Her next single on the album is " I see red " I like the intro of this song with the low tempo background tune I can't totally her which instrument you hear besides the guitar and drums. But again this is a powerfully written song, and her trained vocals finish it. I am literally blown away by her vocal reach, the production of this song is stunning. This single has a very high potential to become a blues hit song worldwide. 

Then we have " Better stay in" and it starts with a beautiful guitar intro, my compliments to the guitar player. Oh, man, I fell in love with the voice of this brilliant singer. The way how she brings the well-written songs is exceptionally professional, and till now all her songs with that voice are damned good. She does extra ordinary high octaves in this song, which is so impressive and made me a fan. 

the other song she wrote is " Lights on" and wow what a great intro with a lovely blues rhythm and melody. This song is more uptempo, And a very awesome production. I am distracted while reviewing, my both ears and mind are pointed at her wonderful music. I don't want to write when I hear such a lovely song. Also, because I make mistakes while writing then aha. But I will try to keep going because this international talented singer deserves all attention she should get to her album and talent. 

I am at her single " High on maybe" it is a mix of rock blues and pop, again powerful written lyrics and a really damned good song. I have no critic on any of her recorded songs, only that you should buy stream and share her music album worldwide. This talent should be played everywhere, performing worldwide and getting massive record deals and single deals this is music that not deserve not be found and heard by millions of musicians. She is too good, to be lost and I am extremely happy to have heard her album and may review it. Because she will be soon a famous celebrity with millions of music fans around the world.

 " Candyman" is her next song, and what a lovely melodic song, it makes you wanna dance and she can really write good touching lyrics. What I love in this song are the background singers by her strong powerful sounded vocals. it is a joyful song, on the album which is good some variety on the album. 

This song " Prison songs" literally rocks in any form also in the genre, I just said variety is good she shows that she not only makes beautiful blues music but as well great rock songs. That is good because so she can reach a wider audience in music, and I am sure when more rock lovers hear this and that magnificent guitar solo in it they are sold just like me. 

This song " Meri" is so beautiful with the background singer and her damned good sounded voice, I think whatever she produced or record it all sounds professional. What a pleasure to listen to this diverse and varied album and all of her songs. I can listen over and over again and certainly would buy her album and press the stream button on Spotify and other platforms every day. 

There are three songs left from the album, one of it is " Silver" and again with lovely sounds a great mix between soul blues and rock. I have mentioned a lot how damned good she is and her album but I would say it several times because I want to bring over to the world that you have to hear and buy it. 

So I am now at the second latest single " Back on Sunday " and man what a stunning intro. the drum starts slowly and then more and more uptempo very well done. And I like the switch between uptempo and ballad in one song. It is very unique, how this song is produced and recorded. Which made me think how will they perform this song on stage, or rather the whole album.  Her latest song is " Carnival and it is an acoustic ballad with no music and this way you can hear how amazing she sings and what she can with her vocal and also the background singers. I can't wait for more material from this wonderful singer-songwriter. Until that time enjoy her album, and please share this with every music fan you know and radio stations, record-labels, and more. 





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