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Sep 7, 2017 9:57 AM

The project started after I, Daniel Blomqvist, wrote a couple of songs while temporary staying and working in a small Swedish town. Through this town, Swedens most known channel (canal) runs. Me (Daniel Blomqvist) and drummer Olle Nilsson started working on the songs and formed a band which became Le Canal. The band consist out of Daniel Blomqvist (vocals, lead, guitar) Olle Nilson (drums) Totte Nyden (bass) Martin Lino( guitars) We recorded the EP Au Revoir almost 1,5 year ago but finished and released it this spring. Read my album review of Le canal on Chatsong, listen to their music and give votes and comments underneath this review.



The music, and especially this EP, is inspired by 90´s bands like The Lemonheads, Pavement, Dinosaur Jr, but also bands like Okkervil River. Our lyrics deal with ordinary life issues like lost love, longing and loneliness, but although we are based in Gothenburg, our lyrics are also influenced by the mystic aura of the Swedish wild nature, woods, lakes, and mountains, which is always close even if you live in a city.

This indie band is Le Canal, they are from Sweden and make indie rock. They released an album named " Au Revoir" they have also posted their music link and other comments in the chatsong community for you to read and listen. 

Then now my album review about this indie Swedish band, the first song is " robber" the intro of the song lets you think it is folk with the wind instrument, it has a great catchy melody. His deep mature vocals, with a little hoarseness, make this song a lovely track. The song has varied instrumental sounds and has a mix of folk and rock. This track has already great potential for many radio station and music enthusiasts. Especially because of the amazing production of the song, with different genres used in one song. 

Their next single is " Where's Annie" the intro of this track is for sure rock, great drum work, and speediness in the sounds. The energy splashes out of this song, I am sure many rock lovers would play this track every day. And I am sure when they play this rock song on festivals, the whole audience would dance on the rhythm of the song. And they would sound even better than they already do on this track. 

The intro of this song " Let me in" has a great rock sound and is melodic at the same time, Thereby that lovely voice of the lead singer, which is very pleasant even he sings very dark. But that makes the track even more lovely to listen, and I also heard background singer in this track which sounds good together. I see myself already standing in front of this wonderful indie rock band, dancing jumping on the tunes and the instrumental sound of this track. 

I saw a demo song between the tracks which is called " Falling tide" and I love this acoustic demo in this song you can hear how wonderful the lead singer can sing varied notes and also his voice is more hearable which shows he is a talented singer. 

Another track on the album is " Out of track" and love what sounds they used in the intro, it seems like a ticking clock and then more melodies are coming. I suppose this track is recorded with an echo because it is the entire song, I am not sure if it was meant to be on this track? anyway, it is not disturbing it actually listens fine. It isn't their best-recorded song, from the album. But that is just a matter of taste, I love the first three tracks and the demo song it fits more by this singer. 

Further that one track which I am not sure if it is meant to be recorded with an echo or accidentally happened with uploading is the rest of the tracks amazing recorded and shows this indie band has talent, and make wonderful rock songs. I hope that the demo I heard will be released soon, it did sound very good. 

These artists and their album should be heard and shared because it is good indie rock. Therefore, share this review as much as you can to support them and get their music out anywhere. 




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