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@Aliothmusic twitter

Sep 8, 2017 11:26 AM

This is Electronic composer Audio engineer Aymen Ksouri aka Alioth from Italy, he has some tracks produced in several genres in the EDM scene. Read my singles review on Chatsong, and listen to his productions.


Bio: Aymen ksouri aka Alioth is an Italian producer and Audio engineer class 1992
that blends together different kinds of electronic music, creating atmospheric landscapes and a surreal, dreamy ambiance. The project came to life in early 2017, as an attempt to represent the oneiric state of mind throughout the music.
This Italian producer is Alioth official he released some mixes and tracks, which I will be going to review. Above you can a short biography about this producer. Then now my review, his first song I will listen is " The cognitive self" he made it three months ago. 
The intro starts with relaxing tunes, very soft and then it goes more up-tempo it sounds really beautiful.  This track could easily fit in a movie scene or soundtrack, I hear many instrumental sounds like piano, a kinda samba if I am correct. This producer has talent, it is not easy to make such a track without having a sense of rhythm. I really like the atmosphere in this one, also there are some tunes which remind me of the Romain period very nicely done. 
Then we have " first day of summer" it is a more uptempo EDM track but with a mix of ambient. And the title is called first day of summer and this is lovely summer track. When you listen to it, you can yourself imagine on the beach with a drink and this lovely ambient EDM track on the background. 
I found at his YouTube channel two video's from 2 recently produced songs, their names are " Sonder" and " The crawling chaos".  I will start with " sonder" the intro starts with calm relaxing tunes like a wind breeze, and suddenly you hear a vocal addition and boom the dubstep is coming your way. I did not expect this because of the more ambient and calmer EDM, This shows how good he is and shows more styles and it is freaking awesome!
His recent track is named " The crawling Choas " the video is done by another artist  Simon Irvine - @stuffamebobs which is, by the way, an excellent producer as well. And a marvelous intro like some locked the door, following up by chill tunes which transform later in the track with more up-tempo melodies. I must say most of his tracks are really wonderful produced and could all be in movie or soundtrack scenes or played at home, on the beach, in the pool just anywhere. I really love his work, he is very talented in producing this kinda genre and I am sure he is capable of making more and more in other genres like house, dubstep and much more. The songs he has produced till now should be heard by radio stations, movie companies television production and much more. Therefore share this talented Italian producer as much as you can, and give votes and comments underneath this review. 

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