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@CarolinePurr8/ @PurrCaroline (twitter)

Sep 12, 2017 2:16 PM

Caroline Purr Vocalist and songwriter from Queens, NYC. Thank God for all of my blessings, and hope to be a blessing to others. New songs coming soon, 2017. She has already a record label named 6Tetra4, which is recently my partner they provided Caroline Purr to chatsong. Read my singles review, and listen to her songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

This vocalist and song writer is Caroline Purr, she has a record label by 6Tetra4. more information about them you can find on their page when you going to click the link in this review from Caroline. She has released two single, and more is coming when her album finished. 

Then now my review about her music singles, " love again" and " Out of Air. Her song " Love again begin with calm tunes from drums and guitar, then she starting to sing and wow she has a great unique vocal. She can reach very high notes, and she can sing very good in any octave.This vocal singer no doubt she got a record deal, this is high quality produced music. The lyric is wonderfully written, and when she does sing it. It goes about a lost in love, and with her vocal reach, it touches your heart. Very well done, she is a magnificent vocal lyric singer. I must say, this song can become a massive hit song on every big music channel and radio or television there is. 

Her second single " out of the air" is as beautiful as the first single, again lovely used instruments and her vocals are really stunning, very high-level vocals. She is very good in writing songs and bringing it to music listeners. She does remind me a little bit of Shania Twain, and Anastacia her vocals have a little raw sound in this single. Which is also amazing by all the rock sounds you hear in this single. My compliments for the production of this single, the songwriting and the other instrument players you hear in both singles. 

I just found out her other songs by searching for more of her, And they are from 3 years ago and I because her newest songs are so damned good. I became curious and wanted to review these as well, I hope it is the same Caroline Purr aha. 

Let me start with " Angry" the intro is marvelous and lovely piano work. It is great blues and jazzy song, and When I heard her voice I immediately recognize this is the same Caroline Purr. OMG, this single is really stunning, this could be a hit song worldwide. Everything fits, the lyric, the tunes the melodies, of course, and her amazing jazzy voice. I am So happy I searched for more from this singer, This has to be heard it is damned wonderful. 

Then we have " Stand up for your dreams" And it is if God if you believe in it, tells me to listen to this song as well because It is something I do with Chatsong and another project in life. The Intro is lovely, great acoustic guitar and other instruments this is more a mix of country and pop. This song is perfect for her unique voice with that little raw edge, man, What a talented singer. And this song is again high-level quality production and sang, the octaves she does so intensely I am really impressed by her vocal reach! 

This song " Better Days " lovely intro again with an acoustic guitar, and then she opened her mouth and Jezus I have written this more often in this review, her vocal reach wow I never heard such a vocal power. And it sounds so pure and unique, if this singer not hits the charts globally I will eat my shoes as a matter of speaking!

I am ended at her latest song on her Soundcloud account " oh mother" this is more country with the acoustic guitar and added sounds, but she brings with her Performances this genre to a new level, a modern level. The Country music is mostly a little underrated, and you have to love it. I can ensure you when you listen to this single, you would love it. Even if you are not a country fan, she with her vocal performances and input will turn your mind instantly. Like I have written before, this singer deserves to be an international music star. And even a star of fame, but first she needs to be known worldwide. Then the Awards and the star of fame will come her way, I am pretty sure about that!  

So when you read this review, and you going to listen to this damned amazing talented singer-songwriter share this with her beautiful music as much as you can, and give her the fame she earns. 







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