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@Young_Dylon Twitter

Sep 19, 2017 10:53 AM

This is Artist & Producer & Entertainer Dylan aka Young Dylon, his friend Mark Hyland from the duo weareveris who is also on Chatsong has forwarded him. Read my singles review on chatsong, and listen to his music give votes and comments underneath this review.

After working as a songwriter in Boston, Young Dylon relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a full-time music career. He is currently a songwriter for Extreme Music Publishing, a subsidiary of Sony Global. His new single, I Don’t Trust, has been reposted dozens of times by popular trend-setting Soundcloud profiles.


Above is a short biography about Dylan aka Young Dylon, Mark one of the pop duo Weareveris has introduced him to chatsong, So I have decided to give this artist an review of his tracks he made. I will start with his tracks he made a few years earlier, " Dream car, " Our City" " Good thing" and then his newest track " I don't trust".

I will start with " Dream car" The intro is amazing great uptempo beats, it makes you wanna dance immediately and besides that his voice is very lovely to hear. The song is very good written and how it is produced makes this song a very good international pop hit song potential. I hear some vocal enhancers, but in this song, it sounds dope! I believe when more young music fans will listen to this, they soon would be a Groupie. And not alone young audience, I honestly think the whole world. This is high-class level produced written, and sung single. 

Then we have " Our city" has just as the first an amazing intro, wow I am really impressed by this young artist. The song he has written is so professional and with a meaning, besides that, he has a nice voice even though he mastered it in pieces of the song. This song can have this, it makes it so amazingly awesome.  Also, this produced and sung track has a lot potential to be played anywhere on every radio, by every music fan and pop festivals around the world. 

This song " Good thing" damned I can't believe what I am hearing, So immensely stunning from the beginning. Lovely tunes, lovely melodies great uptempo beats and that voice somehow it has something adorable, besides that he sounds like a professional on stage. He could easily be standing next to many celebrities on stage, and get the attention pointed at him.  

I am now at his newest and latest track " I don't trust" the intro is stunning, he has used magnificent beats and it is a very attractive track. Like I wrote about his previous work this is music on a high level, no doubt his track got reposted a lot it is worth it. I could listen to this all day long, everything is awesome. And I like the RB sound in this one, it is varied from the other songs he did. 

This artist Young Dylon is very talented in all in writing, in producing and singing. He is damned good, all of his songs have high chances to become massive hit songs around the world. And I am pretty sure, he will soon be on national and international music charts, channels and stages worldwide.  Also, I think record-labels would fight to work with this talented artist, he needs to be known with the music everywhere. Therefore share his review and his stunning tracks around the world. 










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