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Sep 21, 2017 12:31 PM

This is rock and roll, hard rock band Follow No one they are from USA and Portugal, they were provided by Unsigned Bands Inc and they have been dedicated to serving Unsigned Artists Since 2014 both of them has also joined the Chatsong Community and posted music, Follow no one has just released an album called " 5"

Follow No One is the Brainchild of The Last Rich Hall & Pedro Murino Almeida.
Their focus is to Incorporate the Greatest Elements of Rock and Roll's Past & Present into a unique and exciting New Brand of Rock. Drawing from their classical training in music, experience and vast influences from Rock's Legends, Together, as Follow No One, they are combining their creativity in songwriting with the True Art of Composition. This allows them to create unique and captivating music, whether it be for their Fans on Radio, Film, and Media.

This is Hard rock, Rock and roll band Follow No one and above you can read their statement and a short biography, more can be found on their website like all their social media accounts. Their promoters Unsigned bands Inc has forwarded them, so read my review about their newest album.

I will start with the first song on the album " Reflection" the intro contains awesome rock instruments like drums and much more, it totally brings back the rock and roll. I like their vocals it fits in this record, they are high which you do not expect from a hard rock band. But that is also the purpose of this band to mix good old rock and roll into a new blend rock, in my opinion, they are succeeded. The song has magnificent guitar riffs and lovely drum solo's  this is a great rock song for many rock radio stations and fans out there or anything related to rock and music. I like the hard rock combining his high octave trained voice. 

Then we have " Guardian angel" I like the melody in the intro, also the added vocals. This is more soft rock, it has tough a great rock vibe. Somehow I find the lead singer vocals fitting more in the previous song I described, I don't know if it has to do with the setup of the instrumentals. It is not that this is not good rock, but the previous immediately kicks in. 

Their next song " The greatest sin" and Completely different intro calm tunes of the guitar and because there are many background sounds of the instruments, you can hear his great voice a lot better. I like this song a lot because it starts calm and then builds up with blending rock sounds. And which makes it even more interesting is the part where you hear humming in the background and following up by a smashing guitar solo. I think this song has more potential for a worldwide rock hit. The lyrics are good, the instruments are lovely, and he has a nice voice. 

" No Regrets" starts with an acoustic guitar which is beautiful and I hear he has a good vocal reach There are some vocal parts which are stunning and some vocal parts are not entirely flawless. But more singers who are known have that sometimes, so it could be a moment. 

I am at their latest song " 5" and I the intro is wicked, great rock sounds and somehow It seems his voice also fits in this recording. Yes, this is absolutely a magnificent rock track they have to make more of these. This would splash off on stage, people would get wild by hearing this mix of rock and rock and roll. I honestly think they have to keep their singles in this style, as they did in "Reflection" and "5" those two tracks are so so awesome. I also would like to hear a song where the voice of the lead singer goes an octave later, I am curious how that would sound!

They for sure make good songs, the one is better than the other but it is all a matter of taste, I enjoyed the acoustic song as well but also make me doubting which direction they want to go. Besides that, They have to be heard therefore share this review as much as you can. 





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