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Sep 26, 2017 10:08 AM

Multi-Instrumentalist, AlternativeRock, ProgressiveRock, Heavy, Melodic, Metal Independent, Singer, Songwriter David Sambola aka The Observer, read my album review on chatsong and listen to his provided music in this review as well in the music community on the website

New Orleans Multi Instrumentals Melodic Metal Singer-Songwriter by the Artist name The Observer is a true example of the phrase “Multi-Talented”  The Observer "Rather In-name to his own discretion" was a person down on his luck earlier this past year in 2016 with health problems and family vows in dismay he decided to dedicate his life to his first love, Music.

Music is just for me, I play all my own music and I don’t use any type of sampling I had no formal musically training or knowledge of any musical software until now. What you hear right now aside from “Baptized and Breathe” is all written and recorded by me in the last few months. 
I take my music very seriously and would help any fellow artist or fan just write me anytime.  I have truly have left my the future of my music career in the hands of my fans and I need your help.


This is a multi-instrumentalist and melodic singer-songwriter David Sambola JR. aka The Observer From New Orleans above, you can read a part of his biography and reason of making music. I read a longer version on his Soundcloud and it was quite shocking and glad he rises above it and survived by music and making music, something I can very relate too. Then now my album of this young versatile artist, I will start with the first song on the album " Awakened" and that is "Momma I am sorry. I hear a magnificent groove of post-rock, his voice has a lovely raw sound with a great vibration. The instrumental sounds with that vocal make it amazing, this song has a high potential for a hit song. I hear the emotions, the struggle and the fight back in this recording. 

Then we have " Wrapped in Chains" it has a great industrial intro with rock sounds, his voice is adapted to the environment of the music. I really love this track, he has so much talent and I like the vocal sound flows to the key tunes by the instrumental sounds.  Somehow The lyrics and the way he sings brings the message in this track even more over to the listeners very well done. 

His next song is " rise" the intro has a magnificent metal sound, and when he uses his melodic grunge voice it makes it so lovely. The lyrics and the message in it a hearable, which is mostly not the case by heavy grunge. This song is interesting for many fans, radio stations and more in this metal field. Sadly the song only has a duration of 1.38, I would have loved to hear more of this great metal song. 

Another song on the album is " Ready For Change" and again a quality stunning intro with great sounds, and he starts with his amazing grunge melodic voice. which makes this song immediately, very good. Also, on this track, his voice has higher octaves which sound very good as well. This young artist is a key in bringing over the deeper messages he wrote in his lyrics, and how he felt in that period. 

The intro of each song is varied and very lovely when you listen to  "3.00 Am" even though there is no vocal sound added, the song has a wonderful melodic rhythm. And I love the instrumental sounds with the calm tunes together, it makes it really fascinating. Could be easily a soundtrack, for a movie or any other in this field.

I am very impressed by this album and his talent like I wrote earlier he is so good in making stunning intro's which keep you interested what more will come like in this song " peace". I am in love with his voice, even though it arent massive high octaves or vocal power ballads he sure has a very great sound. 

The album is so fascinated because he has besides the vocal tracks, also only instrumental tracks which sounds very amazing as well. mostly with great metal/rock vibes combined with classical tunes, and even only an acoustic one. You can notice he is born with a passion for music, in everything he composed produced and sings. 

Man the intro of this track " Breathe" is from the beginning immediately stunning, great rock sounds and even though his vocal sound is very soft in this recording. I can hear it, and what I hear from him in this heavy rock song is wonderful. I hope I can hear this track in a better recording surrounding, to enjoy this track even more. All seems to fit, the sounds the lyrics his raw voice and instrumental sounds. I am sure this song would be an international hit and beloved by many rock networks. 


This is also an instrumental rock track "Humanity", with lovely guitar sounds. And I can only say I am very impressed and advise you to have a listen to this track and his whole diverse album with amazing instrumental and acoustic tracks, and sung tracks. 

This versatile artist is very talented in many ways, most of his tracks are recorded I think at home or in a garage? I am really curious how all of his songs would sound in a recording studio because some are bad quality recordings low voice and instrumental sounds. But from what I have heard, it sure rocks! and is really stunning. He should be heard around the world, hopefully, a studio gives him a chance to re-record this all. It is not meant as a critic, but to help him grow and spread his music around this globe. to help him getting known and heard share this review as much as you can. 






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