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Oct 3, 2017 11:28 AM

Danielle is a Christian pop artist/songwriter originally from the great state of Maine. Danielle was born on April 29, 1999. By the age of 3, Danielle was already memorizing songs, singing and taking piano lessons. Finding comfort in music on and off the stage, at age 6 it seemed natural for Danielle to add guitar lessons to her schedule. Read my singles review on Chatsong, listen to her music and give votes and comments underneath this review

By using the emotional power/meaning behind her songs, the 18-year-old definitely has a message to share that touches her audience. Danielle can be quoted as saying “The best part of music is when someone listens to and relates to your song. In the few minutes that they are listening to the song, not only do they become part of my story, but I become part of theirs and that is an awesome feeling.”

This young singer-songwriter is Dannielle Haskell, at the moment 18 years old. She makes music since her childhood and took lessons in singing, and piano. She has released three songs and all three songs have a meaning, which I will quote here. All songs can be purchased on all digital platforms like Amazon, Spotify, and Itunes.

Above you can read a part of her biography, the rest you should read on her own website. Then now my review about her releases, " Always with you" which is her newest release then " New Day" and " Forget"

I will start with her newest single " Always with you" quote about the song" the lyrics for “Always With You” come from a  very personal place for Danielle that certainly creates emotions, brings about awareness and entertains.  “Always With You” is dedicated to Danielle’s grandmother who lost her battle with cancer on April 29, 2016"

The intro of " Always with you" is touching and marvelous with beautiful keynotes from the piano, right away she starts with her trained voice and it sounds really pure and heartwarming and even emotional. Because you know the background of the song, and I can relate to this because I lost someone too who was my during life during dark periods. it is a very beautiful song, and many can relate to this. Because of people can relate this track has high chances for a worldwide hit song, and she is just a marvelous singer-songwriter and for an 18 years old she has a mature and grown voice. 

Her next song is " Forget" quote about the song "Her grandfather inspired her to see the bigger picture about God not forgetting us. While growing up, Danielle visited her grandparents daily. Using love, laughter, loyalty, work ethic and faith they taught her some of the most important lessons in life. For the last six years of her grandfather’s life, her family watched him slowly change due to Alzheimer’s disease"

The intro of forget is as beautiful as the first one, a beautiful piano piece. This single is more uptempo, which I like as well. Her voice is really amazing, and she can reach every note pure. The production of this song is lovely, great chosen tunes and sound so her magnificent voice can be highlighted. I am very impressed by this young artist, she is only 18 and her lyrics and performances are at this age already on a high level in my opinion way better than many popular mainstream artists. This could be soon a singer who will be soon having her own concerts all around the world with many fans, or be an MTV new music candidate or any other big music chart or channels on television and radios. 

I am at her latest song " New day " quote about the song" “New Day” is about forgiveness, moving forward, leaving the past behind and starting over. Everyone makes mistakes or find themselves in circumstances that could not have been predicted at some point in life"

The intro of this song is more uptempo pop music with great beats, I hear also a sad tune which makes the song even more fascinating. I love how she writes lyrics, with a meaning and which music enthusiasts can find themselves in. If you listen to this great produced pop music song, you can have several emotions like strength, positivity, joy,  fierce and much more it touches your mind and that is what a well-produced song does. Even without knowing the lyrics, you want to sing it. I am listening over and over again, All her songs are very strong and have has chances being ending up in many music magazines, awards for new artists, television, and radio shows. I am pretty sure, she will soon be listed to perform as opening act for many well-known singers around the world. If not, I will do my best to share her so much that she will be invited or picked up by that person who can help her through as a young singer. I hope when you read and listen to this talented singer you will do the same to help her be famous!








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