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Oct 9, 2017 9:48 AM

This band is OMISSION REPUBLIC from Minnesota. Style of music ranges from Indie, Adult Contemporary. All Original Music with a simple goal to write songs with traditional song structure while infusing various styles of music. Omission Republic arrives with substance, style and a spirit that captures their sound. Read my album review named " Reflection" listen to their music underneath this review and give votes and comments

All Original Music band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Style of music ranges from Indie to Adult Contemporary. Throughout the course of their musical union, the members of Omission Republic have won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues and making countless public appearances all the while recording new songs. This talented Rock Band has earned the admiration and affection of critics and fans alike. Get in touch to learn more about their musical expertise, repertoire, and performance rates.

Stylistically eclectic songs—suggesting a range of influences from Alabama Shakes, The Black Keys, St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Grace Potter, and Dave Matthews Band. You can stay up to date with the group on most social media sites, and find their streaming music all over the web.

Founded by Singer/Songwriter Monaye Love, Jason Jump, Jeremy Streit in Mar. 2016, the Omission Republic band released their first single recording “Good Old Days” in April 2016, shortly after writing, rehearsing, and performing. Their 2nd project, "Reflection" Ep. is one to listen to, (Released in Sept. 2016).

This band consisted OMISSION REPUBLIC consisted out of more members, Monaye Love, Jason Jump, Jeremy Streit they released their first recording back in April 2016. And after that single, they released a full album " Reflection" which I will review now as well as their first single. Above you can read a biography, influences and who is in this band.

Then now my review, I will start with their latest song before the album. It is called " Good old days" The intro is melodic and rhythmic, following up by a beautiful female voice. I can hear some soul vibes in her voice, and what she sings is all pure. Also, I like the combination of R&B and Rock sound, this song is brilliant recorded and a great potential for a lot of radio stations, record labels and music fans all around the world. 

Now I will review their album and start with the first song on top and that is " Goodbye", again a great intro very rhythmic and melodic love the rock sounds in it. Oh wow, what has the founder and singer-songwriter Monaye Love a magnificent voice. Her voice is so good, she certainly literally sings the rock sounds instruments away in this recording. I would be curious how she would sound Acapella or in an RB ballad without the rock sound. Besides that, this song rocks and am impressed by the instrument players. Although I do have a feeling, she not gives all she can vocally. 

Their next recording is " Suicide" this is more an adult contemporary song, it is calm and even it has a heavy title it has a positive lyric, and I like her voice a lot. She sings the song like a story, and how she sings that lyric it really hits you. Very well done, I only doubting if the song needed the more uptempo rock drums were needed? Because the intro sounds were marvelous, maybe that low and calm tune they better can use for the complete song. In my opinion, it overrules a little bit the vocal reach of this talented singer-songwriter. Not that I don,t love it, the instrument players are excellent for sure. 

I am listening now to " Cali" and man what a beautiful intro, so catchy and  lovely sung by Monaye somehow this is exactly what I meant to explain in this intro she has the freedom the show her best side of the vocal, during the song as well when the instrumental sounds are calm but still lovely played and not too loud by the band members. I certainly do enjoy the electric guitar solo There is, it is wicked as well. If they do this in the other songs like " war" and " Suicide" both songs would have more chances being a hit song worldwide. 

This song " War" has for sure a stunning intro as well, and a great mix of jazz vocal with rock instrumental sounds. In this song, there is stunning guitar solo as well, my credits for that. During the song, there are calm parts where you can hear the vocal sound on his best, but there are also parts which contain heavy and hard rock sounds. Especially at the end, her voice is barely hearable anymore. I hope they understand what I try to explain because she can sing lovely and the band is talented for sure no doubt about that. 

When I listen to " River " it is way better produced instrumental and vocally, one of their best recordings besides " That is Goodbye" it fits completely. The instrumental sounds are not to load and she can let the audience here her beautiful voice. the intro of this song has some elements of reggae, I like that a lot. This song has more potential for a globally hit song, the lyrics are good the sounds perfect and her voice is like I told earlier amazing. 

So I have listened to the complete album and their first released song, I have to say that I loved the single " Good old days" and from the album, there are certainly amazing songs, I enjoyed them all. Only in some songs, the instrumental sounds like I described where too loud, that does not mean they were not good as instrument player. There are solo parts and intro parts where the instrumental sounds were smashing good. Also, I love the vocal sound of the lead singer, she has a pure and soulful voice. Some parts very outstanding and some parts because of the hard instrumental sounds overruled. I recommend them to keep the sounds calmer and give Monaye Love her space to show her vocal diversity and reach, further than that I believe this band is very good and certainly deserves to be heard and shared. They have potential, maybe edit some songs here and there. I only give feedback, not a criticism I hope they take the advice and not see it as a critic. Besides that, it is a talented band and originally, with great lyrics and band members and a very good vocal singer. So they should be heard for sure, and each person listen and judge music in different ways, so it is also a matter of taste. Anyway, I find they have to be shared and heard, I hear potential and good songs. Therefore, share this review and give your star ratings or comment underneath this review. 




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