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Oct 13, 2017 1:21 PM

This is singer-songwriter John Defeo he released an albumin 2017, 8 months ago and it is called "Purple Heats" it has a wide range of styles like rap, RB, and pop music. He recently also released his newest single " What it means" which you can buy and stream in the provided music-links.

This is a singer-songwriter, John Defeo so far I don't have yet a biography or more information if I have it I will update this album review. He is from Boricua and released his album " Purple Hearts" 8 months ago and his recent single " What it means" 9 days ago. 

I will start with his first single on the album and work towards to his recent single, So here we go.  

His first single on the album is called " Take u down" the intro is a masterpiece it grabs your attention immediately. A few seconds later he starts with his exceptionally beautiful voice, which is really pure and in multiple octaves. The song is high class produced and on a very high level when you hear this, you can't believe he is unsigned and not has broken through in this music industry. All is good, his lyrics the production and his amazing voice. His voice is even better as many famous celebrities, this is really MTV and Billboard material Like Rag'n Bone man recently break trough. This singer-songwriter has with this song, those chances I will help him with reaching that. 

Then we have " Nike Running" also a very great intro and wow that voice it is damned good, Love the production. Wow, I am impressed, I hear so many other well-known singers back in his voice. Also, because the production is done very professionally, But I don't need to compare it with others, I need to listen to his talent and sound. And that is so so professionally, I can't believe what I am hearing I need to pinch myself he is tremendously talented. 

His other single is " We could be" he opens the song with a vocal intro, and what a vocally intro damned. In this vocal piece, he has also a little hoarseness which sounds very lovely. He can do so many styles, even rap this a multi-versatile talented guy. Love that he shows diversity and variety on what he can and on the album. 

This song " What's good" is more RB you can hear on the style of the production, and how it is sung. And man I love it, great sound great vocal performances. I could listen to this singer hours and hours, and each time he surprises me with something new on the track. My credits to the production of this marvelous song, so damned good.

I am listening now to " HMU" man what a stunning intro, kinda latin it makes you wanna dance lovely mix of pop and Latin. There is stunning solo as well, the instrument seems to be a kinda banjo. Wow, this album is full of surprises and great production that voice is immensely gifted.  

Then we have " AS4J" brilliant vocal intro, that great low and deep sound he does wow. I am really blown away by his vocal sound and his produced songs. This singer if he does not get discovered I will eat my shoe, I have no words all what he makes is professional and from such a high-class recording. 

This song is named " Coo" and If you hear the intro it shocks you, so damned professional and stunning it grabs your complete attention do not want not want to get out of it. You just want to close your eyes and keep listening to this phenomenal artist. Sadly the song has a short duration, but it is just enough to impress you what with he can as singer. 

I have no words I am completely in shock, in a good way. Especially, that this soon going to be a worldwide celebrity is at Chatsong. But I try to write the other tracks, I am listening to " Still Crazy" I like the intro when you hear a male voice say it is the beginning, and then after that magnificent voice. The lyric is brilliantly written and in this song, he sings even higher than in all the previous recordings and man so so amazing. All of his singles are a high quality, I would for sure buy his album and want to hear him perform live on stage. Between other stunning vocal known singers all around the world, he deserves a spot on the walk of fame with this contribution of his music. 

There is one more song to review and this his latest release " What it means" It is more in the genre hip-hop/rap great production as well and vocally strong as well, again a new side of this artist. Besides pop and soul, RB he does also rap, but from what I heard on the album is this a completely different sound. But I like it. 

This singer-songwriter should be heard with his album anywhere, so when you read this share this incredibly talent as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 







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