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Oct 20, 2017 11:39 AM

This is Rock 'n' Roll and classic rock band Lunar Rogue, Lunar Rogue was formed in early 2011 by singer/songwriter Julia Dettwiler. The current lineup features Julia's lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Jim Briggs and Alex Methot playing lead and rhythm guitars, Rozz Osborn’s drumming, and Sam Orellana’s low end. Read my album review on Chatsong plus their recent releases singles, and listen to their songs and give votes and comments underneath this album review.

Each member’s unique musical background plays a role in defining the band’s sound. Influences come from all genres of music ranging from metal to blues; but classic rock, hard rock, and alternative styles are the foundations of the band’s unique sound. Lunar Rogue brings an old-school songwriter’s approach to its music, giving audiences a dynamic experience that combines riveting musical performances with songs that express emotions from anger and heartbreak to excitement and euphoria.


This is classic and rock and roll band Lunar rogue, they submitted their songs for a review. So that is why I going to review their complete album plus two recent releases songs. The album has the same name as the band if I am correct. The first single on the album is " Lonely" it has a great rock sound intro, then the intro a female voice starting to sing, and she has a great voice and fits perfect in this rock song. The lyrics are good written, and when she sings it comes well over to you as a listener. 

Their second song is " It's true" the intro is with an acoustic guitar and after the guitar intro, you hear a magnificent female voice. it seems, in the beginning, it is a ballad song. But then the uptempo rock sounds are coming, which makes it marvelous. The song is from the start till the end amazing, this song has a potential for many radio stations and everything else in the music industry. 

I am listening now to " Circles" it has a beautiful intro, melodic and catchy. Then her beautiful voice starts to sing, and wow she has a very nice pure vocal. Her voice combining the amazing rock sounds, make it even more wicked. This is a band who make rock and roll as it was before, classic old rock but very lovely. It does me remind of so many bands back in those days, which was known all around the world. This band has the same potential to walk the same musical pas, as they all did. 

Then we have " Pretty little mess" the intro is stunning, a lovely instrument they used it seems like a bongo. It is like you are sitting in an arena, and watching a fight from the Roman periods. I love that part, it is a unique thing they did. After that unique part, the classic rock comes back into this song. Very well done recorded track, A great rock and roll song for sure and a little bit the eighties periods come back as well just the way how she sings in it. 

Another song is " Sky's on fire" and in the intro, I hear something like a harp or just an acoustic guitar string cannot really define it. She has such a diverse vocal reach, in this song, it is calm and higher. How she sings it. it really grabs your attention. Besides that, her voice is very beautiful you hear also, in the end, a violin which makes the song even more beautiful. 

When you listen to " take away" you hear on the intro, this song will be a rock and roll song. Just by the great instrumental sounds from drums, guitars and much more. I like the way they make music, with that rock and roll and 80the touch. Another good track they recorded on the album, till now I enjoyed them all. I think when they play live, the whole audience would jump up and down. 

This song " In the wilderness"  has a stunning intro as well, it start with calm sounds and vocals, I hear the lead singer but as well back up vocal. I like, that the songs transfer from calm pieces to rock and roll pieces. This way you kept the interest at the song because you would love to hear what more will come. Again an amazing rock and roll song, man they are good in everything in playing instruments in writing lyrics and vocals. 

Two more songs left from the album one is " Motorcycle ride" and " Afterlife", I am listening now two Motorcycle ride, if I must be honest this song is good but the other songs I preferred more. Somehow after hearing all their intros and other recorded songs, this one seems to be monotone in sound. I hope it makes sense what I try to explain, the other tracks on the album are more diverse in sounds and vocals. Like I said they are still an amazing rock band, and has a very good recorded album. 

Their latest song on the album is " afterlife" it has again a marvelous acoustic intro, followed by her great voice. The lyric is again very well written, and strong. This is more a rock ballad, and also the first completely acoustic. That shows the album is really diverse and varied, and that makes the band even more interesting than they already are. 

So that was my review about their entire album from 2013, then now to their newest releases " Another night, Another day " The intro is again catchy, and her voice was on the album already brilliant but in this recording really amazingly good. This song is more calm rock, But I love it. It seems again a classic rock sound, which is their brand as a band. Yes, this is a song which will get high numbers of streams and radio airplay and fans everywhere. 

Then we have their other recent single " Insane" by listening to their marvelous rock intro it is immediately different than which I just described. And if I may be honest, I think this is their best recording since their album. And like the title, this song is really insanely awesome. I hope they will continue in this way, with their new recordings because this is really high-class rock music. They are so good as a rock band, they should be heard and shared in every corner of this globe. So when you read and listen, share this as much as you can. 




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