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Oct 21, 2017 1:32 PM

ye By Moon is a solo project, written, performed, and recorded by Danish singer/songwriter/producer Thomas Bøggild-Christensen. A friend we have in common told him to submit his music, for a review on chatsong. Always, nice if the message spread about my reviews to other artists, by other artists. Read my album review on chatsong, listen to his songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.


Bye By Moon draws inspiration from artists like Muse, Jeff Buckley, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and the likes, while simultaneously drawing from no one in particular. Every song is built up of elements that serve the track in the best possible way, without any rules, focusing on keeping it real. These are songs about life, love, and death. Laughter and loneliness, thoughts and emotions the listener can relate to. Bye By Moon is substance-filled, alternative rock music; experimental, yet straightforward. Not trying to please anyone, but the listener who might find it pleasing.



 Bye By Moon' is a solo project by Thomas Bøggild-Christensen, who has released an album called 'Rocketman' which I will be going to review. Above you can find his influences and biography. Then, now my album review, the first song on the album is "Forget the rain".

The intro of "Forget the rain" is filled with amazing drum work, guitars and other nice sounds. OMG his influences are Muse, and the way he sings he almost sounds like the singer of Muse. High, dramatic and pure, he literally sings a message. Damn, I am very impressed by this solo artist, he is very talented in many things like songwriting, producing and singing. 

His next song is "Souls" and man, what an incredible intro with the guitar, and with that amazing voice the songs is really from high-quality music. This song is world class material for MTV, Billboard, and many other big music companies. This is what I call undiscovered talent, and he deserves playing on stages worldwide. And I am sure, if more will listen to him he has in a short time millions of streams, fans, and performings worldwide. And I am going to help him, receiving that he for sure earns a spotlight.

I am now listening to " Rocketman". It has again a marvelous intro, with a beautiful guitar. After the intro, his brilliant voice, that is so stunning comes on. He sings in various octaves very good, and even in this song there is a whispering octave - I love that part. This is more a harder rock version, but a great one. There is a part, where there are much rock instrumental sounds which seems to overrule his voice, but it is still amazing produced and sung. 

Then we have "Not running off" - again a stunning intro, he is really brilliant in making intros for his song, and besides that, he writes very interesting song lyrics. All he does is amazing, but I am specifically fallen in love with his dramatic and pure voice. This singer is MTV brand new material, he is just a top talent which should be on any music chart there is worldwide. 

I am now at his last song on the album, called "Perfect". Man, again what a great melodic intro, this is really wicked. When he starts to sing after the intro, wow, that high and dramatic voice is so so incredibly beautiful. I am so distracted at the moment, I can barely focus to write a review, haha. Because his music is so fuc........ good, that I just want to listen and enjoy this album over and over again.  

This singer-songwriter really overwhelmed me with his album and vocals. This is an international star soon. I am so happy to give him a review, and knowing this top talent and celebrity soon is started on Chatsong. He and his amazing album should be heard worldwide by all who works or has something with music. Therefore, share this absolutely talented solo artist as much as you can.






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