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Oct 23, 2017 11:05 AM

This is a rock band from Liverpool called The Boogs, they released just there album " Looking for the orange" read my album review on Chatsong, listen to their music and give votes and comments underneath this review.

The Boogs is a 5 Piece Rock band from Liverpool who had a dinner break for about 20 years, they’ve come back to make some noise have a listen


This is 5 piece rock band The Boogs, as you can read above they took a long break and now they focus on making music again. They have just released their newest album " Looking for the Orange" which I will be going to review on Chatsong now. 

Their first song on the album is " Tooth Fairy" the song starts with a great melodic intro, full of guitars and drums really lovely and it seems they have indeed performing experiences just by the way they open the song. And wow, the lead singer knows how to sing so powerfully and pure, besides that he brings the lyrics over to the listeners. omg, when he does pull out all his vocal reach from out of his body. This song is really an international potential for a big hit song in any field of this music industry. 

Then we have " Infected" and man again such a spectacle intro, great tunes, and melodies. It immediately swings, I love his vocal sound, and in this song, there are backing vocals as well which sounds great as well.Also, in this song, he shows as singer his vocal diversity and I love the eighties sound in it.  This is more a melodic folk-rock song, very beautiful. 

I am listening now to " Bring it down" it has a great intro again, amazing rock sounds. Great drum work, my compliments for that. This singer can so many notes, low and high in this song he has a little hoarseness which suits him well too. While I never heard the song before, I want to sing the lyrics and dance on it. The instrumental sounds have driven you that, and the lyrics are so good written that it is easy to remember and just start with singing. Again a wonderful rock song, from the beginning till the end and man you really need to hear that solo electric guitar piece it is magnificent.

I really need to compliment the instrument players they play each intro so damned good, the first sounds make you already dancing. The lead singer has a great voice, but I loved how he has sung in tooth fairy there has he such a vocal power octaves. Not that this is not good, don't get me wrong this is amazing as well. Again a high quality recorded rock song, by a band who is not the youngest anymore. 

I am at their song " Outcast" it starts with a great guitar intro, after that his beautiful voice. Together with the melodic sound, it sounds magnificent. I have no words, I am completely overwhelmed by their wicked song. Once, again this song has also a high potential for an international hit song. Especially, because this song has also an eighty sound in it. I believe when more will listen to this, young and old music enthusiasts they would become instantly an avid fan. I don't want to say this to fans of rolling stones, but this is way-way better. I do not want to offend you, but it is my opinion. 

I think this song is a live recording? " Monkey" there is slightly a varied sound, in quality but still this song rocks really. Love it all, the sounds the vocals. This band has done the right thing to come back and make a fantastic new rock album. 

Their next song " Nothern town" starts with a great acoustic guitar sound, followed by his voice it is calmer but still very amazing. This is varied from the rest of the album, I love the lyric from this song. I imagine him singing, this in front of a crowd and millions dance and sing on it. Make pictures, asking for a signature etcetera. 

This song " Kagoul" has again a wonderful intro, then the lead singer and the backing vocals start to sing and with that eighty sound, it is brilliant. I have no critic, only in other songs, his voice is more powerful and that suits him very well. Besides that, this song is again an amazing high potential for many radio stations out there and fans, record-labels. 

Again a great intro, melodic and soulful. This is I think his best vocal performance I heard, in this song " Slipstream" it even sounded even like I was listening to Bryan Adams in the beginning. Wow, he has such a great voice and the music is so stunning, this is music for every stage and festival around the world. They can become, the largest known band worldwide. Especially, with this beautiful lyric and how they bring the song over with their sounds. This is breathtaking rock ballad, I am really impressed and just want to enjoy this phenomenal band. 

The song " These days" really reminds of the rock and roll sounds from the 80the and 90the very lovely. I love specific this kinda music because that is how music should sound. In the last periods with the electronic dance music, which I do love as well. But there are celebrities getting awards for songs which sounds awful, and their music has no meaning at all. Luckily, the meaningful music with emotional lyrics or lyrics with a message is coming back. 

This recording has a lower quality sound, it starts with a tune which goes louder by seconds and then his nice voice. It can be an upload problem, but besides that, it is a great rock song. I love the solo instrumental pieces, they who play it are really good. The songs are so diverse and varied with lots of lovely melodic instrumental sounds and tunes. 

I am at their latest song " Try it" and this one has also a fantastic intro, and this one has a better quality sound than the previous one. Also, this song has again that rock and roll vibe from the 80the. I really enjoy this, it is a musical rock spectacle. I like that part when they do ssstt try it very unique, and they play instrumental sounds so unique and rhythmic you should hear it. I did become a big fan, I hope you will too.

Their album is so dynamic, varied and diverse It certainly gets from me already an award for best unique and rare rock album all times, because how they add instrumental sounds it is really unique. There are songs I love more from the album, there are vocal parts I like more by the lead singer.  but I really have to say this band has big chances to become a worldwide known rock band and play all around the world with a tour. Also, I really think they play live even better than they already do. Recorded songs depend with what equipment you record it and where you record it. So, you not always can judge any critic based knowing that I also don't have one only I love to hear more of his powerful rock voice like he did in the Tooth fairy. Besides this soon international known band needs to be heard for sure, therefore share this great album and this review as much as you can for them. 




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