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@strangewavesband Facebook, promo by @shoalsmusic

@strangewavesband Facebook, promo by @shoalsmusic

Oct 25, 2017 1:42 PM

Strange Waves is an alt/rock band from the Muscle Shoals area of northwest Alabama. The Father of one of the band members forwarded me this band Strange waves, they recently released videos and singles from their upcoming album. Read my single review on Chatsong, listen to their songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Strange Waves is a dynamic indie rock band from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The four members of SW first came together in the summer of 2012 under the name Walls of Red Wing. After a year in the cocoon spent writing and tightening as a working unit, they finally emerged as a live act in the summer of 2013.

Strange Waves consists of multifunctional singer/guitarists/coauthors Jackson Gilreath and Jeremy Couch, bassist/singer Joseph Whitehead, Jackson sings on the majority of the tracks.  Jeremy, the other guitarist, sings on a few ("In The Shade", "Make Bobby Proud") and the bass player, Joseph, sings only on "Wolves". And, around the time of the release of the "Up In Smoke" video, last December, they changed drummers.  The new drummer is Conner Pucket. In February of 2015, the band released their first debut full-length album "Walls" which can be found on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music and anywhere music is distributed online. 

The group has expressed big plans for 2016, though details haven't yet been revealed publically SW is expected to release multiple singles and videos throughout the year. Leading to the release of their second full-length album.




This band is Strange waves they are an alternative rock band from Alabama, their promoter sent me their information for a review on Chatsong. Above you can read their biography and on their attached links more about them and their music. The now my review about this band, I will start with older material working towards to newer material. They recorded a lot, so it will be a longer review. 

Their oldest song they recorded is " 38the parallel" I like the rhythmic intro, great sounds it makes you wanna tap with your feets. I like how he sings in this song, and the instrument players really make some good rock sounds. Great rock song, very well done good potential for rock lovers and blues rock. 

I am listening now to " Circles" magnificent intro again, melodic and full of wicked instrumental sounds and his voice on this track is stunning it fits the melodies of the rock vibes. Another potential for many radio stations, and rock related industries. 

If you wanna listen to good hard rock, I recommend you this song " Make Bobby proud" the energy springs out of it, so much speed my credits for the instrument players. When I listen to this I get the same energy and want to stand up and headbang on it! It is not his best vocal input, Her and there I can hear cracks maybe not give his voice enough rest? Besides that this track is marvelous, no critic at all. 

Another recording is called " Image" brilliant that intro immediately they all sing together after that incredible rock sounds. This song has a lot potential to become a worldwide hit song, it is a single which sticks quickly in your head with their lyric. very well recorded, I am impressed. 

Their track " Son Of Many Suns" primarily was sung by Jeremy the other guitarist, though the chorus was sung by Jackson has a great hard rock intro and I like the speed of the instrumental sounds, you can hear it is a Garage rock band in this track or it seems like it. 

Their song " Song for the living" I like the voice in the intro and has great melodic rock instrumental sounds, another nice rock record. You just have to listen to it yourself, I like it. 

Their other single is named " Wolves" it is from 2015, it has a beautiful acoustic intro. The lead singer has a controlled voice and sounds pure, I like it. Also, the backing vocals sound lovely on this track. It is a great acoustic song, it has great potential for radio stations and related. I am impressed, good song. 

Then we have the song " Walls" which has a marvelous rock intro I like how he sings on the rhythm of the instrumental sounds. I like the noise vocals, here and there he sings a little bit false on some notes. besides that, it is a wonderful rock track. 

Wow, This song " The Swan" sounds really good, the intro is stunning there are high sounds which kinda relax you and when he starts to sing with the dramatic high voice it really hits you. This song is very different from the previous two songs, and till now their best record single I heard so far. Sadly the duration is short, wish it was a little bit longer. 

Now I ended at their most recent tracks and " up in smoke" is from 11 months ago. I like the melodic intro, nice tunes and it builds up in instrumental sounds. It is varied from their oldest tracks, it has calmer sounds and more melodic rock. This new recording has a nice rhythm and his voice sounds good, I like how he uses the octaves in different notes while singing. Great track, a lot potential for radio stations and festivals and even the top 40. 

Another new song is " No face" which is lovely and especially with the backing vox. This is a collaboration between Strange Waves the Band and vocalist Alicia Threet. And this song is vocally their best-recorded song besides The Swan those two are one of my favorites of their music. 

" in the Shade" is another good vocal track, nice melodies and I like when he sings calmer and an octave lower. Somehow, it suits him more vocally. Also, the track is calmer, and better hearable how well they actually can play and sing. 

The band has made diverse tracks, some are incredibly good rock, some are calm melodic blues rock there are stunning parts vocally and some less. They have a potential for sure, no doubt about that. If I listen to tracks, I listen to all things in a track. I describe what I hear and feel, and what can get some attention to make their recordings better. See it as positive feedback, just that you know it it is not criticism. 

So like I said, a lot of their recordings are good. I believe this band will come further, and play soon on many gigs and radio stations or maybe score a record deal. To help this potential rock band, share this review as much as you can and give your feedback underneath this review. 



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