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Oct 30, 2017 9:24 AM

Taiacore is an Indie/Folk band from Madrid that knows no borders or creative limits. Read my album review on Chatsong music, listen to their music and give votes and comments underneath this review.

A pair of disparate, wandering souls who travel the world transforming their adventures into cosmopolitan sound experiences.

It was some time back that Marta Tai’s intense vocals first met Vincenzo Tancorre’s creative approach to guitar and banjo. Soon they would embark on a journey together, sculpting a unique musical identity through street performances in Berlin, California, Rome, and Madrid.

Sheer chemistry, despite their different roots, drove them to compose as their personal relationship developed. The journey has only just begun. After recording their debut album, Innocent — produced at Moba Studios with backing from Incubamusic — Taiacore went on a European tour, taking in UK, France, Holland, and Germany. Their live performances deliver everything from unbridled folk to lyrical gems, an indie soundscape with an international twist.

This is a global album with an open mind, simmered on a slow heat with loving care and a hearty dose of creativity


This indie rock duo is Taiacore from Madrid, they released an album " Innocent" which I will be going to review now. biography, and more information you can read above or on their website. Then now my album review about this indie rock duo. 

I will start with their song " Monsters" the intro starts with a lovely intro, melodic and rhythmic. The intro is already impressive, nice upbuilding and when she starts to sing she has a lot of vocal power. I love this track really, nice flow. This track has a high potential to hit each chart there is worldwide. I really love her voice, it is unique and very pure. 

Their other track is " She didn't love you" she immediately with her very strong beautiful voice, her voice hits you inside so good. What is she good, no false note her timing is good. When I listen to this uplifting track, I become joyful. The song is wonderful produced, lovely sounds and great vocals. I like the mix of Latin, country, and pop. Another track which has high potential to become a worldwide known hit song, on every level in this industry. Very well done, it is incredible. 

Then we the same title as the album " Innocent" how she sings in this song, is like dream pop. it has a great lyric, the music is wonderful. They really know how to make music, it is varied and diverse and above all wonderful recorded. Great sounds, from the beginning till the ending. This is really good, they are really world-class artists. 

I am listening now too "Little by Little" and the intro is melodic and soulful, very uptempo I like it a lot. It is more like you are listening to a musical, love the unique instruments they used. It gives me a Romain feeling, This song is very joyful and really cool produced my credits for that. I like that yodeling she does at the end, man I love this album. 

I am so impressed by this duo when you listen to this amazing ballad song, it certainly hits a nerve inside in a good way. She can sing so beautiful, it touches you. I can also recognize myself in this lyric, and I think that is what more will have. When people recognize themselves in lyrics, the chance they love it completely is because of that. 

If you listen to " fed up" I like the cherry full intro sounds, vocal maybe not her best part. I know she can sing marvelous, I heard it on other tracks. She is more fit for higher octaves it suits her the best, like in their song She didn't love you. Not to criticize the song, or her as a singer. She can sing no doubt, only I think higher octaves are her strongest. 

When you listen to this song " Happiness" you maybe understand what I try to explain. Here she sings calm, higher and it fits in the music. Great pop ballad, nice sounds and again good quality recorded music with high potential for many radio stations and more.

Their song " following the sun" we here in the intro the other singer Vincenzo Tancorre’s, the song is very uptempo and varied from the other songs. I must say that Marta Tai is the one who makes the song sound lovely, she has such a great vocal reach. I love the speed on this track at the end, it makes it stunning. 

If I compare this track " Stronger" with the previous I prefer this one. I think this is really her style, and vocally her strongest performance. Her voice is really professional and she is the person from the duo who has the strongest vocal and makes from each song a hit song material. On most tracks, you hear her input, and I think the other singer does to the instruments and other things in their songs. This song has also high potential to become a worldwide pop music hit song. 

I am at their latest song " To Miss someone" it starts with an acoustic guitar and then they start to sing together if I am must be honest is not a nice duet. They seem not to find each other while singing the notes, it is not their best vocal duet. how do I explain this? his voice does not match the powerful vocal of Marta Tai. When I review songs I listen to everything, I try to explain they are not on one line with vocal performance. 

Their Album is really good it is diverse, full of joyful sounds. The lead singer turns all songs into a beautiful material, she sings so pure and wonderful. Especially in calmer and higher octaves, the instrumental sounds are unique and it makes it uptempo, melodic. There are very good hit song materials on it, My advice will be let her keep doing the vocal parts and let him do the instrumental input. I really enjoyed the album on two songs, but that does not mean they aren't talented as a band. And not make incredible music, They do for sure it is amazing. This duo should be heard with their album for sure everywhere, and therefore share this review as much as you can and give your votes and comments underneath it. 





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