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Nov 1, 2017 10:21 AM

Three piece band from Lancashire creating the biggest and boldest sound. With their combination of Folk and Punk-Rock and Powerful melodies and catchy riffs, they are the band of 2017. they just released their debut single " Hey to the river" and released another song as well " Concrete Rhythms" read my single reviews on chatsong, listen, view and buy their music and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Deacon Brody, formed in November 2016, is a British Rock band from Lancashire, in the North West of England. Composed of Jayke Cox (guitar, lead vocals), Joe McManus (bass, vocals) and Danny Loftus (drums, vocals). An eventful first year has seen them appear on tour with Misfires, play sold out Manchester shows and release their Debut EP "Hey To The River" and " Concrete Rhythms available now on Spotify and all major platforms.

This 3 piece band is Deacon Brody, they submitted for a review on chatsong, above you can read where the band consists out who does what in the band. More can be found on their website, then now my debut singles review. 
They recorded two singles at the moment if I am correct, I will start with their older song " Concrete Rhythms " recorded in March. It has a great melodic guitar intro, the music really ley you swing. The lead singer has a great raw and pure vocal, he has a lot of vocal power inside him. This song has a high potential of an international hit song, even though the song has a loud hard rock sound in it, there is a lovely melodic and even a funny melodic in it to hear as well. Imagine them singing this melodic rock song on festivals, stages. The whole audience would sing along and dance to their amazing sounds in this track.  I like it a lot, I am sure many music enthusiasts and rock radio's labels and anything related would buy and book this amazing single. I would for sure, I keep listening to it over and over again, it gives me a certain feeling of happiness and joy. 
Then we have their debut single " Hey to the Rivers" The intro starts with lovely vocals and backing vocals with an amazing melodic rhythm. This song has a lovely lyric, easing to sing even you don't know their song. When you have a lyric, which is for music lovers easy to remember they going to listen over and over again to sing along with their lyric. 
This single has a mix of many genres, great uptempo melodic rock song. This band makes awesome melodic music and has amazing lyrics, can't wait on hearing more of this talented rock band. Both songs are lovely recorded and have high chances to get massive fans, performances, and airplay on several radios worldwide. Maybe soon playing on worldwide stages, and festivals for million teenagers and fans. I really hope this for this wonderful new music band, when you will listen to their amazing songs. You will say the same, To make them known in more countries with their melodic songs. Share this review with them, and their music as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 

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