Nov 3, 2017 10:30 AM

This is K8 alias Kate Walker she is a young singer/songwriter based in the south of England. She has released a couple tracks, and recently released a new single. Read my single review on chatsong, listen to her songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

My name is K8 (Kate Walker ) I live on the south coast of England and I am 13. 
I started singing at 9 when a friend asked me along to a summer club. I loved it and carried on with the club. A vocal coach spotted a little talent and took me on. Then I went on to write Guardian Angel when I was 10. I recorded and released it last December when I was 12. I've since written Forever and Sky High both have been released. I've nearly finished my 4th song.

This is a very young singer, her name is K8walkermusic. She is from England, and she has recorded 3 songs all written and sung by herself. As you can read above she started at a young age, and more information can be found on her website.

Then now my singles review, I will start with her oldest recording " Guardian Angel". the intro has a lovely melodic sound, with different instruments and sounds. Her voice is so sweet but very pure and powerful, she really has a pop vocal. I hear her voice is not yet grown vocally as an adult singer, but for her age, she has a very good vocal and no any false note in it. I really love it, and if she is already so controlled with singing. What will it be when her voice is grown and formed, I think she will rise as international pop star worldwide. 

Her other song " Forever" has again a catchy rhythm, her voice is so lovely to listen to. there is a certain melodic sound, which lets you dance on it. I am really impressed by this young singer, her timing is stunning her lyrics are with depth and emotions. Even know her voice is not completely formed, she sure has a beautiful pure sounded voice. 

I am listening to her latest release " Sky  High" it has again a wonderful intro with clapping sounds and guitar sound, she opens with a very controlled vocal. The lyric is lovely written, and I like how she does the adlibs in Sky high. I am impressed by this young singer, she certainly has a lot potential. I did listen to all songs now several times and each time I listen it becomes more interesting, and I want to sing her lyrics.

I like her written songs, she has for sure talent. There are little parts where she does not completely catch the notes, but that is not a critic it is meant as a point to work on. And even Madonna does not reach all notes, and Madonna has a mature sounded voice. This young singer is still growing, and I am sure she eventually will sing better and better each day. 

This young singer has potential, her music is beautiful. I believe in her, she will be soon growing and be growing each day. And eventually play everywhere on stages, events and get lots of fans worldwide. I noticed her music does get broadcasted on several radio stations, but it can always be more! Therefore, share this talented young singer as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 




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