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Veteran Americana/Blues/ Folk singer-songwriter based in London; he has played in three bands before - The Mariachis, The Rich Evans Band and Roosevelt Bandwagon. He has gone solo with his album "B sides and Outtakes" and released this through Baby Dylan Records. Read my album review on Chatsong and listen to his album.


 This is Rich Evans he has played in three different bands and releases songs through various record labels. Now he has gone solo with his recent album released through Baby Dylan Records. The album is named "B sides and Outtakes," which you can stream and buy in the links below. 

Now for my album review: I will start with the first song on the album and that is "Roll on Mississippi." The intro is marvellous with the harmonica and, if I am correct the banjo could be another instrument. After the beautiful intro, the drums come in. His voice, throughout, is incredible; very pure and unique. It sounds almost like Bryan Adams, a very controlled voice - he clearly has a lot experienceswith singing and playing. There is also a section where you hear female backing singers accompanying the track. With the singers, the song is more like folk combined with gospel music. The first song is amazing and is great material for a worldwide hit song for every radio style - not only folk. 
His song "Old Midnight Special" starts with a lovely, calm intro and I love his vocal sound. The lyric is well written, and when he sings it you listen with all your attention to the words he sings. Again, I like the input of the female backing singers - it is a mix of various genres like western, country and folk. 
Another song on the album is "Bad Turns" which starts with a great acoustic intro and then again has that wonderful sounding voice. It is really good, largely because of his unique sound. The song has a catchy feel and very meaningful lyrics; another well produced track on the album with nice potential for radio stations. 
Then we have "Blues are gonna get you" and omg the intro seems to sound exactly like another singer but I can't place yet who – the voice sounds so familiar. Besides that, this song is stunning again. Lovely material and great sounds from this singer-songwriter. I have no criticisms at all. I am literally blown away! 
On the song "Bakersfield," his voice sounds calmer and cracked with that nice hoarseness he has. Honestly, I suspect he has maybe sung too much as it sounds so hoarse. However, it is still a wonderfully recorded song, no doubt about that. I love the wind instrument in it too.
I am listening now to "Irresistible." It starts with calm sounding guitar and drums, then he opens his mouth and it really hits. I like how he writes lyrics; they are understandable and all have a deeper meaning which is very important. This guy is going to be famous for sure, he has the voice, the potential and the lyrics altogether. 
Now I focus on his last song: "Midnight Creeper." The rhythm is lovely; it makes you want to dance. The electric guitar part is magnificent - this song is varied from the others and classes as more up-tempo folk rock. I like this song a lot and for me it’s the best song on the album with it’s faster tempo and rhythm. My credits for the guitar player, it sounds really wicked! 
I loved this album very much; it has various styles and genres. There are calm songs and up-tempo songs and, with that voice, all the recorded materialsounds stunning. Evans could become an internationally known talent and also earn a star on Broadway! This guy is phenomenal as a singer-songwriter. His album has to be heard and shared everywhere for sure. Buy, stream and share his album as much as you can, and please give votes and comments underneath this review.

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