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This band WORLD5 started with five close friends who were professional musicians. Although life and personal projects put them in different locations around the globe, they kept alive the desires of making music together. Read my album and songs review on chatsong, listen to their music and give votes and comments underneath this review. Also now available in the German language, check it out by @chaos_room


Sam Stevens: lead vocals, guitar, keyboards
Joe Gavito: guitars, keyboards, vocals
Steffen Goeres: guitars, trumpet
Jimmy Olsson: bass
Raimund Breitfeld: drums, percussion

They recorded their first album "Global Experience" over 3 continents together, founding members were Raimund Breitfeld, Steffen Goeres, Don Bruner,  Stephan Goessl and Roland Childs. Texans Pat Hunt and Randy Miller, who produced the band's first album, joined the band replacing Don Bruner and Roland Childs December 2012. June 2013 brought the departure of saxophonist Stephan Goessl and the arrival of Texan guitarist Joe Gavito. 2016, Album Nr.2 "Heartbeat Of The World" was released by Spectra Music Group. 2017- WORLD5, in its 3rd incarnation, has a new line up. Joining Rai, Steffen, and Joe are 2 accomplished journeymen. British singer/songwriter
and multi-instrumentalist, Sam Stevens and Swedish bass player, Jimmy Olsson.
Sam has been a successful songwriter, performer, and session guitarist in the European music scene, working with a number of artists and studios across Europe. Among those clients is a pop impresario, Simon Napier Bell.  Jimmy has performed with some of the most popular groups in Sweden, such as Nynningen, Nationalteatern,  and Björn Afzelius Band. The band is currently working on Album Number 3. 

This band is world 5 they live in different countries, and record music together. They use online communication to shorten the distance, they have released their music trough Spectagroup. More information can be found on their website, as even all their music outlets. Then now my review of these friends and musicians, and their music. 

This band has released a lot of songs over the year, I try to listen to them all. Their album is called " Heartbeat of the world"  I will start with " Because of you".  The song has a great intro some tunes from the 80the and 90the when I hear this singer sing, I hear Elton John, what has he a pleasant of powerful vocal. All notes and octaves are so close and you almost think you listen to Elton John, instead of Sam Stevens. The whole song is beautiful, great uptempo sounds and lovely lyric. This song has a high potential for a hit song everywhere, and personally, I love their style a lot. I really would love to hear them play live, I think they make a great show from it. I like especially that old sounding style they play, it reminds me of music from early periods like the 80/90the. Before there came electronic sounds and all the music was produced by the instruments and vocals, and sometimes a synthesizer. 

Then we have " Footprints" great intro again with beautiful tunes, then that calm adult vocal with a perfect timing. And he can sing very high, and pure. It is a great pop ballad, the way it is sung and recorded is lovely. I am a big fan of music from earlier periods, and now I became a big fan of their music. I like this ballad a lot and their style as well. It is a matter of taste always, everyone thinks different. 

I am listening to " Heartbeat of the world" and when you listen to the intro, with the piano in it. You immediately think back at the times from the 80the/90the, very well recorded. It has a good lyric, a positive lyric and joyful lyric. In periods we live in today, when you listen to this you get a little strength and joy. Very melodic, uptempo song and very professional recorded and sung. 

Wow, this pop ballad " I promise you"  is really stunning and sad at the same times. His voice is so good, and it touches you inside it even made me cry. Because of the beautiful lyric, and the message in the lyrics. And besides all of that his voice is so good, he hits you in your heart. 

The intro with the guitar in " it won't be the same" is amazing. Even though the song has similar sounds as the previous song, I like it. Especially that part when they sing together on the chorus for a moment, and I can listen hours to his lovely vocal. It makes you wanna dance, and sing along with the lyrics and the sounds. I really like to see and hear them live on stage, I think I would dance on all their songs. 

I must say most of the songs are pop ballads, so as this song " Loving a Restless heart". Like I said before I am a big fan of Elton John and the way they make the music and sing the song,  it is so close to how the records and sing the songs. I am really impressed, there is also a great electric guitar piece at the end of the song. 

This song is maybe the most song on the album it is called " man of action" the intro is more uptempo, there is so much rhythm in it and a little bit of blues and jazz. I hope they will make more of this it is another side of what they are capable of. I love the pop ballads as well, but this is really good. It swings, it makes you wanna dance and has a high potential for many radio stations and music lovers from all genres and ages. 

Then we have " Maybe there's is a way" that song has again the sounds of the 80/90the, the song seems familiar. It looks like I have heard it before somewhere, I can also almost sing the lyrics, funny. This song is perfect for movies, and tv series as background music or for a soundtrack for a movie. very well recorded, I hear so many great instrumental sounds by the other band members

I am listening now to " stay" it has a melodic intro. I hear a mix of varied genres, even a little bit Latin. This song is very lovely recorded, the instrumental sounds spring out of it. The solo guitar piece is stunning, you really should hear that. It is a joy to your ears, a musical spectacle.

Then we have " who decided" And I believe this is the other lead singer. His voice is different but very pure and controlled and a great timing. I must say I rather listen to his performings, it is more powerful and he shows diversity in octaves. Not that the other singer does not have a great voice, but somehow it attracts me a little bit more. I don't know who sings what song, it is no critic. I like the performances from the other singer in the other songs ass well, especially the singer who sings almost like Elton John.  

I am listening to their latest song " I will find you " it is again a great ballad song, but I think I hear another singer again. Love the instrumental sounds from the wind instrument, and his deeper voice. That is all I can say, good record song. 

So the album has love songs, power ballads, and uptempo beats. I hear two and sometimes three different vocals, there a deeper octaves, lower octaves and higher octaves. The album is full of beautiful instrumental sounds, and great 80/90the style, and sometimes a mix of varied genres. I really love the album, But I hope they will make more uptempo songs like " man of action". These artists are wonderful singers and instrument players for sure, they have made a nice album. But it is a matter of taste, I like it. Do you like it too? then share these wonderful artists with their album and this review as much as you can.


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