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This is 16-year-old Pop artist Samantha LaPorta, she is from Florida and has released her newest single "It's a Girl Thing" and before released more songs which I will also listen to. Read my review on chatsong, listen to her music and give votes and comments underneath this music review.

Pop artist Samantha LaPorta has been hard at work on her new music.

Originally from Boca Raton, FL, Samantha has been captivating local audiences with her unique vocal talents and skilled guitar playing in local seaside venues around town. Catching the eyes and ears of local tv stations and news channels.

This young artist cut her baby teeth on the legendary stages of Nashville, where she was introduced to songwriting and performing. Winning numerous awards "Best Teen Artist", " Artist to Watch" and more.

Samantha, later joined forces with multi-platinum producer/songwriter Jason Nevins and hit selling singer/songwriter Lucas Prata In the summer of 2016. Samantha's debut single "Summertime Hold On Me " was picked up by a national coffee franchise, playing coast to coast.

Samantha finished the year with her hit holiday single "Santa's Back In Business" on RADIO DISNEY and made the grade on top teen social media site Sweetyhigh "The Best Holiday Songs of 2016”.
Samantha's "I Know U Know" with TwoDB can be heard on Radio Disney. Nov. 2017, Samantha Released “It’s a Girl Thing” which debuted at Vinyl Music Hall for an Anti-bullying rally for 1,700 fans and on “After The Bell” at Sweethigh, in Los Angeles for 27,000 streaming fans. "It’s a Girl Thing” is currently on multiple SPOTIFY Playlists. You can connect with Samantha on her Social Media sites, links found on her website. 

Samantha ,LaPorta, has just released her newest single " It’s a Girl Thing" of 5 Songs released by this rising pop artist. I will start by reviewing, one of her holiday single “Santa’s Back In Business” broadcasted on Radio Disney, and voted best hit songs for 2016. This Holiday Hit returns to Radio Disney November 24 through Christmas of 2017 a big achievement for a 16-year-old singer.

I became very curious to hear her other singles, so here we go, I will start with her oldest recorded song and that is “Summertime Hold On Me"

The song starts with a melodic humming and has marvelous pop music beats. I have heard many famous pop singers, and I must say, if I may be honest, she is way better then, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry, sorry for the fans of these two singers. Her voice sounds very mature and she has a great timing as well. I like how the song is produced, it has a certain catchy uptempo beat. I never heard her song before, but once you have listened. The lyrics and tunes stick in your head, and you want to dance to it. That is what a well sung, written and produced song does, I would nominate her for many rising star awards on different big music charts, channels, and television music channels and anything related in the music field.

Reviewing her latest single “It's a Girl thing" the intro is stunning, great melodic and rhythmic dance beats and when she starts to sing you get blown away. I can’t believe she did not yet breakthrough around the world. I mean when you listen to all she has recorded, it is of such a high quality. I mean you have Bieber fans worldwide, and she certainly deserves LaPorta fans anywhere. I am one of the first from the Netherlands probably, I will do all I can to get her heard everywhere so her chances to become a known worldwide singer will increase faster. So When you read my singles review and did listen to all of her recorded songs, I am sure you become instantly a fan. This rising pop star should be heard and shared worldwide, therefore share this review with her songs as much as you can.

Then we have "I Know U Know" again a marvelous intro, this song has more uptempo pop beats very stunning production. It makes you wanna dance, and tapping on the rhythm of the beats in it. I can believe this song ended up on Radio Disney, only in my experiences is Radio Disney for child singers. This Samantha is maybe 16, but she has a voice of an adult singer and by that, her music would be loved by all music fans from different ages. So, I hope her singles will be broadcasted on every radio station there is. in this world. Because she is really good and has brilliant recordings, I really want an autograph when she soon performs in my country.

Review of Cover songs on YouTube  Drake Cover "One Dance". The song opens with a beautiful piano and she starts immediately with singing, and her voice is amazing very controlled and pure. This is for sure a candidate for MTV and Billboard, she has it all to become a famous pop celeb and probably bash out the existing ones in a manner of speaking. I am impressed, at her age already this vocal reach and sound, what will it be when she grows older and how would she sound then?

Then we have "Her other cover song, " Almost is never enough" The intro is stunning with the piano work and clapping fingers, and when she opens her mouth that voice hits you in your heart. There are only a few artists in the world who can sing so pure and high, and then I am talking about famous celebs who already made it in this world. Like Aliyah, Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys who can hit that high octave and still sounds pure without sounding screaming and almost false because they give so much power that it is like they scream instead of singing. I can name a few who do that, but this goes about Samantha and she is one of the youngest artists ever I reviewed who can reach that level of highness. That means this young singer, is more than talented, she is a born performer and a world-class entertainer. I believe when she performs this song on, for example, the EMA music awards, even the biggest celebs would be fallen in love with her performances. I guess the whole audience would turn into silence, and listen with open mouth to this new celeb.

I am listening now to "Love on the Brain" it is a cover song from Rihanna. I know the original as well, she makes with her amazing voice likes it her own song and not copy the vocals of the original singer. That is how a good cover has to be, most cover a song but cover as well the original vocals and then, in my opinion, it does not add any value to you as a singer. I am blown away by this cover, and talent More I can't say then I wish she soon will play live for million people all around the world.

This is as well a cover song " Mercy" from Shawn Mendes and like I wrote before, she does this so incredibly good in her own singing style without copying the original voice and style of the real singer. It is so so lovely to listen when she sings it. I became after hearing these songs and covers an avid fan of this young pop star.  you should hear this it is magnificently done and so breathtaking and emotional. I have no words, I am totally in trance.

She is for sure a rising pop music star, and has a wonderful voiice and songs. This young singer deserves to be heard in every country in this world, therefore share this talented singer-songwriter and this review as much as you can.


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