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Charlie is the frontman for Rollingexile began his musical journey in Dublin, Charlie has since had a career most musicians can only dream of. After playing with several bands inc the legendary Berlin not to mention playing 6 gigs for U2 whilst deputizing for Larry Mullins, and appearing in several books covering the Irish Rock scene. And They just released their album Hardline, read my album review on chatsong and listen to their album. He has also posted his music links, inside the Chatsong artists community.

Charlie frontman for Rollingexile began his musical journey in Dublin by successfully conning a few people that he could play the drums to the extent he was invited to play in a couple of bands, Charlie has since had a career most musicians can only dream of. After playing with several bands inc the legendary Berlin not to mention playing 6 gigs for U2 whilst deputizing for Larry Mullins, and appearing in several books covering the Irish Rock scene,


Charlie then made the move to London following the break up of Berlin where he began writing and recording new material. During this time, his friend Mathew Ashman from Adam and The Ants and Bow Wow Wow brought him into the studio and produced and played guitar on his first self-composed recording “Move On” After taking a break from the music industry, Charlie made a return in 2010 as a solo artist when he supported The Boomtown Rats Roberts+Crowe on a European Tour. 

After the tour, the first album Exile was recorded with various guest musicians inc Garry Roberts from The Boomtown Rats. A band was assembled to tour and promote the album, this was the birth of Rollingexile. The release of the second Rollingexile album HARDLINE dedicated to Phil Lynott is being toured in Europe and the USA Throughout 2017 and is expected to increase their profile even further.


This is the band Rollingexile, Charlie has played before in several other bands and also has played 6 gigs for U2. He is an experienced artist, as you can read the article above. Then now my album review from this band, the album is named Hardline.

I will start with the first track on the album, and that is " Running". The intro has a soulful melodic intro with acoustic guitar, then he opens with a very calm high sound. You can hear he is experienced in singing, it is if you are listening to U2 or David Bowie. I am so impressed, this is world class rock and rock and he sure does have the appearances for a rock and roll singer. I love this track, it is amazing and very professional played, sung and recorded. This song has potential to become a worldwide hit song, it has it all. 

Their second track is " When you lie" the intro has beautiful melodic sounds as well, and his voice is so lovely to hear. The lyrics are so beautifully written, and when he sings the lyrics comes to life and stays in your head even you never heard it before. I really want to dance and sing on the rhythmic tunes by the instruments. I am a big fan of U2 and many more, I love the old rock and rock style and this song brings back that period.  

Then we have " down the road" brilliant guitar intro, man, this is really stunning. My credits for the band members and the production of this song. I love his mature voice, his tiny hoarseness and together with the smashing instrumental sounds. It makes this song again a world-class hit song in rock and rock and roll, this you want to hear on a stage and on every radio station there is. I am totally distracted by all that is happening in their single, that I almost forget to review the single. so good, is their music. 

I am listening now to " Frisco" and they sure know how to make the intros stunning, this intro is a mix of blues-rock and rock. The song literally swings, it is so wonderful recorded. Stunning instrumental pieces, a great melodic and rhythmic sound and of course his voice which can sing many octaves. He has a very good timing, and it is all pure. Wow, I am so impressed by this band and their recordings. And I have just listened to 4 songs from the complete album, I am really excited and happy that this future rock and roll legend is on Chatsong. 

Another track is " I sit and wonder" and as you can guess again great quality intro, lovely bluesy sounds and once he started to sing the lyrics you are sold. And want to enjoy their music and Really want " to sit and wonder" where they have been all this time and why they are not known in every country there is. Because their music sounds phenomenal and they deserve the same chances as many other big rock bands who are famous everywhere. 

Then we have " that sign" I love the thunder sound in the intro, as well the complete intro. I hear so many styles mixed in this recording, and his voice has in this recording a little more hoarseness which I love, but other maybe not it is a matter of taste. it is more a rock ballad, it relaxes me when I listen to this song. I am intensely enjoyed while I concentrate on writing this song review. 

The track " Good morning London" is more uptempo rock, and even I know he is a brilliant singer I find his performance in this song a little less. But the music around it is lovely, it really swings and has a lovely rhythm. I guess he has performed to much, and his throat was tired. it is no critic, But I can hear he has some flaws in this recording, on the other side he has very powerful pieces vocally when he sings with the background singers. 

I am listening now to " zero hours" and even he has again that same hoarseness as the previous track this is more controlled and has the same performance vocally as in the first 6 songs he sung. This vocal fits more by him, the tones the chords he shows also that he can sing high octaves and that is what makes him a brilliant performer and singer. And when the background singer starts to sing, it is so wonderful that this song has again high chances to become a worldwide hit song. 

This is cool this track " Rolling home" has the sounds of varied genres like jazz, blues, rock and country, man I love this track. Brilliant wind instrument in it, and it swings lovely. It shows as a band that they can make more than only rock and roll and that the album is varied in sounds and genres. I really want to buy this album, and show it to all in this industry in my country bars, clubs, radios, and festivals. 

This song " All my life"  is immediately awesome in the intro, great catchy tunes, and melodic sounds. From the start till the end you get treated with a musical spectacle a world-class performance by this band. How would they sound live on stage, if they sound wicked already now in the recordings? 

Three more songs to go to review, the names of the songs are " Tell me I'm Wrong" " These days transatlantic" Stacy transatlantic". 

I will start with " tell me I'm wrong" it has a stunning intro with an electric guitar and his lovely voice which is a bit less hoarseness then in all the other recordings. Another smashing rock and roll recording, everything in this recording is brilliant. More words I don't need to add, just listen to their complete album and enjoy their brilliant songs.

Wow, this is really one of their best recordings " These days Transatlantic" the intro is stunning, his vocal performance is stunning, the lyrics are stunning the band plays stunning. Again potential for worldwide fame, as a rock band in every country there is with their album. 

So I am going to review their latest song " Stacy Transatlantic" and honestly both transatlantic tracks are in my opinion the best recordings from the album. I have the feeling, these songs are more comfortable by the singer and the band. Not that the other tracks aren't amazing they are certainly but these two last tracks are for me the greatest tracks on the album.  Because I pay attention, to the notes, keys, octaves, instrumental and lyrics, and everything else from what I hear in a track. This is also why I listen to all the songs artists record, so I know what they are capable of or which song need some feedback to work on. 

I have listened to all of the songs from the album, the album consists brilliant rock and roll. It brings back the good times of rock and roll, the album is varied in genres, intros, and instrumental sounds. There are a lot of tracks who have high chances of becoming a worldwide hit song, and they for sure deserve with this album a tour and massive buyers of this wonderful produced rock and roll album. Therefore share this review, with this amazing band as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this album review. 


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