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Second Hand Arms Dealer is a brand new Punk Rock Band from Bristol, formed 3 months ago. We have a huge sound with a political edge. Taking influence from RATM, White Stripes, Royal Blood, Sex Pistols and Chilli's Read my single review on Chatsong, listen to their songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Drawing from multiple different influences means the range of music is vast. From Rage Against The Machine to Ben Howard there are no limitations to the sound this three produce. That being said all of their music has a similar feel. Schofield adds flavor to his drums with counter-rhythms which play with and taunt the listener. Shortman juxtaposes heavy and thundering chorus riffs with beautifully crafted verse melodies running through his intricate pedal board to create a sonic wonder. While Spurrell connects the two with sporadic and funky bass lines while drawing the listener close with his soft voice only to unleash the full power of his blues-rock inspired, angst is driven, an edge of your seat vocals.


This is a new punk band named Second Hand Arms Dealers from Bristol, they released 4 demos, they released music videos from these songs, which I will be going to review as well to their other demos. Read it all now, I will start with their song " living".

The song has a melodic intro, great drum work, and guitar riffs. It is a little a mix of blues and rock, great style. As I read in their short bio, they write songs with a political edge. The song is great written and the lead singer has a magnificent vocal, which fits perfect in their new punk style. I can hear they all have talent, as well in performing as well in playing the instruments. This music is fresh, new and they have certainly potential to become known worldwide and play gigs with their fresh punk sound. I love it, great talented punk band. I have listened to " living" over and over again, the lyrics get stick in your head and the melodic tunes as well.

Then we have " political puppets" it starts with great guitar riffs following up with a very fast vocal by the lead singer, this is unique because I have never heard a punk band singing vocally so fast, it almost sounds like punk rap haha. I like this band, they are diverse and have varied songs. I recommend you to listen to their remastered version of this song on their youtube channel, it is a little bit better sound quality than their demo song on their SoundCloud. I will add this amazing rock/punk/hard rock/rap song underneath their review. This band has a lot potential, they just started but they play as if they make music for years and that on his own is already a compliment worth. I have the feeling, hard rock punk, and rock labels, radio stations, fans and anything would love their music and probably they soon have a label and massive radio airplay, gigs etcetera I really have faith in this new band.

There is one song they released as well named " egomaniac" it has a great rock intro, the energy by the instruments splash out of the speakers. Again a great meaningful lyric and the way how he brings the lyric is amazing, guided by the talented instrument players. it makes this song a great potential as well, for studios, labels, radio and rock/punk/hard rock lovers. This a band you have to keep an eye one, I have the feeling they will soon rise as a band and playing on every festival there is in many countries. 

this demo song " 100mph" is lovely as well, great heavy drum work and guitar riffs, the song is from the beginning until the end very good. Nice lyrics, nice sounds and he has a versatile vocal, he can do noise rock, screams and even almost rap besides he can sing high and pure as well. 

That high and pure sound you can hear good in this demo song " Balance" after 57 seconds you hear a calmer vocal and a very warm vocal, also the instrumental sound is calmer and softer. This song is a very good demo song, also a potential for radio stations and record labels which have a wide acceptance of genres. Personally, this song is one of my favorites, because in this song you can hear what they capable of in vocal sound as well as instrumental sounds. This song could be ending up on major festivals in indie and famous rock and hard rock festivals as upcoming and rising young punk/rock bands. 


The songs are mostly demo's and they sound already wicked, and refreshing I am not sure if they recorded this at home or in a studio, If it is not recorded in a studio, and a studio is reading my review or listen to their music give them studio time they have a lot potential and very amazing songs. 

I have listened to all they make and record, and I am very enthusiastic about this band. I have the feeling, they soon get massive studio time, airplay and gigs and maybe get a single record deal from a few songs. Also, I believe this soon get an offer to record a complete album in a professional studio, they certainly deserve that. to make this happen, share these fresh new indie punk/rock/blues/hard rock band as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 








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