GaniyuTLG twitter

GaniyuTLG twitter

Dec 5, 2017 9:49 AM

Music by Ganiyu is what you get when you mix alternative Irish dialect with mainstream Hip-Hop. Out latest single was released late November. The music video says a lot. Ganiyu has also posted threads with more music-links inside the artist's community, for you to stream, buy and share. Read my single review on Chatsong, listen to his music and give votes or comments underneath this review.

Currently featured on some established Irish media platforms like 'Nialler9, 'District Magazine', 'The best of music and film' blog and one of the Ireland major news outlets 'The Irish Times', Ganiyu's kinds of music has been described as 'Shivery'.
Mainly working with producers around the world. The internet brings us all together. To share ideas as well as critiques. Ganiyu's need to express the voice of his peers. Telling the story that would be unknown to the world. May songs have been recorded and still sitting in the vault. The hustle as an independent artist is real but at the same time, it gives you something to talk about. 'What I would say has played the biggest part in shaping the sound of 'Ganiyu TLG' is the drive to be heard.
This Irish Hip-hop rapper is Ganiyu, he has worked with many producers. This track " Vulnerable" is made with Lui Meme and  Mike Lawal. Above you can read how his song is received by magazines and music blogs in Ireland, then now my single review. 
The song starts with a lovely jazz sound with wind instruments, very unique in a hip-hop song after the lovely intro he immediately starts to rap with his great Irish Accent and it sounds all very pure, I love the deep vocal he has. I love the deeper message in this track, this is very good hip-hop. There is a little part where they used some vocal mastering, which I did not find necessary because both can rap pure and with a great freestyle flow. Besides this track is very refreshing hip-hop track, which makes him a fresh new hip-hop talent.  The talent from Ganiyu sits in his great unique deep vocal and the way he brings the lyrics to the audience. I like the jazzy sound in it, kinda dance beats as well and then that amazing deep raw pure hip-hop vocal. I am sure many in this field like radio, magazine, fans and bigger hip-hop industries would love this track a lot. No doubt about that, the doubt is about that little fragment mastering.  Just to let you know what he is capable of I will add another song of him with other musicians. 
I am talking about this track " Don't Look Outside Ft. HUVA X CHILI" the intro is mysterious following up by more uptempo hip-hop beats and then that great deep vocal rap, so pure so damned good it makes the song immediately a hip-hop potential hit song. if I may be honest I find this track really dope, all is correct the lyrics, the beats, the rap. A brilliant song, it shows what he capable of is more and thereby you hear that this rapper is very talented and has some potential. 
This fresh hip hop rapper for sure has to be heard around the world with his unique style and music, therefore share this new upcoming hip-hop rapper as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 

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