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Dec 6, 2017 12:27 PM

Belfast-based Sonja Sleator shakes off her traditional singer/songwriter label with the release of her second EP, ADAMS. She was forwarded by Tin Man Heart is an organization who help bands in Belfast. Sonja is one of those singer-songwriters, she has released her newest album " Adams". Her first album was released in 2014 which is called " ID" read my album reviews on Chatsong, listen to her songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

ADAMS’ six tracks are inspired by the 28-year-old’s relentless schedule of traveling, touring and writing undertaken after 2014’s I.D. The lead track, Pour The Vodka, opens ADAMS with a statement of intent - that this is a huge step forward for the songwriter best known for her solo acoustic style. Pour The Vodka, is followed by Calla which has received airplay on Belfast’s Blast106FM, Lisburn’s 98FM and Dublin’s 98FM.
Sonja spent time gigging and writing in Nashville, New Orleans, LA and San Francisco, in addition to her regular shows in Belfast and Dublin. Those influences are most noticed in final track Cambria Moon, inspired by her time on the west coast.
Recorded at Lisburn’s Millbank Studios with acclaimed producer Michael Mormecha (Mojo Fury, Trú), ADAMS is bursting with the hooks, melodies and autobiographical lyrics Sonja has become best known for. Sonja’s gripping live show has helped her secure support slots with Northern Irish blues singer Kaz Hawkins, and The Answer frontman, Cormac Neeson.



Above you can read more about the new album, and her achievements with her singles from that album. More about her and her career can be found on her website. As you can see there is only a detailed article about her new album, but I found an older album from her as well. I mostly listen to more albums and songs to get a better judgment of the music she makes, and also show she vocally is on both. So let me start with the album " Adams" and the track I see first on the album named " Pour the Vodka".

The intro is calm and relax, great chill out pop music. Then she starts to sing, her first is calm and lower which totally fits into the sounds of this track. She has a pure voice, I love her calmer lower vocal sound. The lyric is great written, the song is wonderfully produced this is for sure a talented singer-songwriter. So far no any critic, I enjoyed the complete song from the beginning until the end. 

Then we have " Calla" this is more uptempo shoegaze indie-pop, it has a marvelous intro with nice drums and guitars. Love the rhythm of this song, it makes you wanna dance on it. Also, her voice can reach more notes and again no any false one. This track has a lot potential for becoming a worldwide known hit song in pop music, it has it all. Besides that I really love her songwriting, it is all with a message, and a deeper meaning. 

I am hearing now " Mia" I like the intro a lot, it is catchy and melodic, I hear varied sounds of instruments. I like how she sings this song, she really points out where her lyric goes about and highlight that with her wonderful calm pure vocal. 

Another track on her album is "Mistake on my part" it is again a wonderful chill out pop song, I like this new style she has chosen with her new album, it is not typically pop music. That defines her already as a singer-songwriter, but music critics could say the album is monotone in vocals and sounds.  Not me, I hear varied sounds, vocals, and intros with each a different sound. 

Like the intro to the song " Murder", you hear a beautiful acoustic guitar intro, which is different from the previous intros. It starts calm but builds up to more uptempo, and that voice is so beautiful when she sings higher octaves in the chorus. I have to say this is an album which you can play on varied festivals during the summer and winter. In the summer you can lovely relax and enjoy her wonderful songs I can imagine it already, laying on the beach with something to drink and then that lovely calm pop music by her, and in the winter even when it is freezing her warm sound and vocals will make you warmer. 

I am listening to her latest track from the album called " Cambria moon" the intro is again stunning with these melodic calm sounds, it is again a chill out an acoustic song. She is very talented in songwriting and expressing the lyrics she wrote while singing. Till now I liked each song on the album, most of the songs are calm and sung with deep emotions in her vocals, alright it is maybe not the uptempo dance-pop music from the mainstream but still, it is a very good unique album, with an own direction in sounds and style and vocals. 

So this was her newest album, I saw older tracks from her first Album which I also will be going to listen and review. 

The first song on that album is " San Fransico" it starts with a nice acoustic intro, and wow her vocals are way higher than what I have heard on her new album. This is very different, Love the high octaves she can reach. If I may be honest, I prefer this sound and vocals way more, wow what a great voice she has on this album. This for sure proofs she can do way more than that lower calm vocal sound, this is also why I wanted to hear both albums. I am impressed by her reach in this written and sung track, this is what I call talent. 

Oh wow, you really should hear this song called " That night" even though it is an older recorded track but that voice so pure and damned good. This album is so varied in vocals, this is really a high-level performance acoustic sung track. This album really shows what she capable of is, even most of the songs are acoustic. But mostly you hear the best of a singer-songwriter in an acoustic song, I can hear the passion back in playing the guitar and singing this lovely lyric. Yes, This is a new talent for sure and with this acoustic album she has more chances being heard everywhere I can,t sometimes even believe that this is the same singer as I heard on the new album. Not that her vocals on that album aren't good, it is only calmer and lower sounding. When you compare to the two albums, it is really a big difference you could also think that she can show diversity on both of the albums and that makes her even more interesting. 

Another track is " Get set" great acoustic intro with a rhythm, I can hear the joy in her vocals while singing and playing this track. I like this a lot, this is sung from out her heart and a listener you can hear this very well. That makes this again a great acoustic vocal recorded track. No more words have to be added, just hear this beautifully sung track. 

I am listening now to " Snow" and wow how she opens the song with that wonderful pure vocal, is really breathtaking and that that lovely acoustic guitar play. This is what my music heart let beat faster, I hear really potential in this track she can become a famous singer worldwide. 

I am at the latest song of this wonderful acoustic album it is called " She lies" it starts again with a beautiful acoustic guitar play and then she steals your musical heart with that amazing vocal, especially that really high note she does in this track. Wow, I am blown away by her vocal reach on this track. Not to bash her new recordings and album, but the albums are complete opposites from each other in everything. And somehow, this attracts me more, and I feel she can come very far with these recordings. 

This is a longer review than expected, but I felt both albums has to be reviewed and glad I did, both albums are wonderful one is more an chill out album with great written songs and the other is all acoustic but with such a vocal power, and amazing written lyrics again. This Belfast singer-songwriter is for sure very talented and has made very good recordings, one album attracts me more but that is just a manner of taste. I have the feeling, she can come very far with both albums in all countries. This is music which you can play on many radio stations, festivals, and a  potential to work with as a label or other related music networks. This singer-songwriter has to be heard for sure, therefore share this review and singer with her albums as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.

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