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This is SubClass an experimental musician, and he makes a mix of Electronic and Acoustic Music. Live and Programmed, crossing multiple genres and styles. He released some recordings which I will be going to listen and review for you, read my music review on Chatsong and listen to his music and give votes and comments underneath this review.

SubClass is from Birmingham in the UK and is predominantly a recording act, these three songs are representative of the diverse sound of SubClass, sometimes it’s more electronic, sometimes it’s more guitar based. It’s always melody driven.

This is SubClass, a musician who mix different styles of genres and styles. Above you can read a short bio, about SubClass.  He has released various recordings over the past three months.  All of these recordings I will be going to review so read my review now. 


The album will be released in February 2018, he has sent me a few recordings of the upcoming album Which I will be going to review. These tracks are with vocal, At least the ones he sent me. He has also recorded older songs, which are mostly melodic instrumental recordings. I have heard them all, and they are really beautifully composed and produced, he is really talented in making such melodic sounds. All of these tracks are a musical spectacle and are potentials for movie scenes, theme songs for a series episode or a soundtrack for movies and television shows. I recommend you to hear them all when I put these underneath this review. 

Then now my vocal album review of SubClass, I will start with his oldest record he sang " Passing By" it starts with a sad but beautiful violin sound, following up by more melodic instrumental sounds. He has a nice vocal, he can sing lower octaves but he is stronger in singing higher octaves. The song is great written, and I like how it is produced it totally fits with the lyrics.

The intro of this track " Perfect Tainted Scene" is really amazing, it grabs your attention immediately you hear brilliant melodic electronic tunes. You are focussed on what hear from sounds and tunes, and what you hear is really stunning. After this wonderful melodic intro, he starts to sing and this time he sings a tone higher which suits him the best. Because of the higher tones in this track and the amazing recorded melodic tunes, makes this song a potential for many radio stations, and music lovers all around the world. 

Then we have the song " Let it go" which has again a great intro, He is unique vocal in this track a bit dramatic and I really love that. The songs he writes are with deeper meanings and messages to the listeners, this is a great produced track. I love the mixes of electronic styles he uses, and besides that, he sure knows how to bring over the lyrics with his performances. 

I am listening now to " Inside out" and wow I really love his dramatic sounded vocal, besides that the music is so stunning. It really takes you on a musical journey, this is also one of his strongest vocal performances till now, and in this track, I can hear what he is more capable of vocally. This track has a high potential for radio stations and varied record labels also Like I said earlier perfect for the movie and television world. 

Like I said I am a fan of his dramatic tone as a singer, Especially in this track named " Fragile" What he does there with his voice is magical, and with the amazing electronic tunes makes this really high-class music. The lyric by this song has a dark and emotionally tone, and man when he sings that with his dramatic vocal it touch you. 

The song " Spy" has also a great melodic arrangement, and again that wonderful high dramatic vocal. It is melodically driven from the intro until the end, and I just only can say it is brilliantly produced and sang. 

The intros of the song he has recorded are very diverse, which make each recording interesting. I am hearing now " Peter Lorre" it has a wonderful electronic intro again, again with that higher unique vocal.  And this song is more uptempo with more electronic rock elements, which give the song more a boost and shows the talent of this producer and singer-songwriter. 

Another song is " Together" it has great synths and other electronic tunes, the production is wonderful again. I must say this is more a ballad recording, with calmer tunes and I like the more uptempo tracks. This recording kinda brings me to sleep, not that the track is not beautiful composed but I like the more uptempo electronic recordings. 

When I listen to " alright" that is more what I like, it is diverse in sound and more uptempo. And with that dramatic vocal, it makes this song amazing again, there is a part where you hear a great drum solo this style I like more from him. 

There are two songs left one is called " A special treat" and one is " leaving it all behind".

" A special Treat" is nicely composed it is again a calm track, a ballad recording. Only I had expected maybe more of his vocal sound more sides it seems all so monotone in this recording. It is not that he can't sing, but From all the other songs I heard this is vocally not his strongest part and the tunes are monotone as well expect on the end there is a little variation. I have heard better track he has recorded and better vocal parts. 

His latest song is " Leaving it all behind" and I must say vocally he is much better in this one, again that nice high dramatic vocal and more variation of sounds but it is similar to his previous track. 

So I have listened to most of his track, there are very beautiful electronic uptempo songs on it with solid vocal parts, a few songs maybe need another look. The songs are diverse in sounds, and most of them are melodic amazing. He is for sure a talented and has potential as producer and singer-songwriter and composer, much of the songs can be used for movie soundtracks or similar in the movie and television world. So when you read and listen to his review and recordings, share this talented artist as much as you can.

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