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Against Himself Formed in 2014 in Denver, Colorado, Against Himself fuse elements of rock and metal. They just released their new album The Awakening, read my album review and listen to their music, also give votes and comments underneath this review.

Formed in 2014 in Denver, Colorado, Against Himself fuse elements of rock and metal. Shortly after forming, they released a four-track self-titled EP, which exhibited their hard-hitting potential. Their celerity in recording their first EP exemplifies their focus on not over-complicating the equation by agonizing over obstacles. David Hunt, the vocalist of Against Himself, explains, “If you want to achieve anything in life, the only true barrier to getting where you want to go is yourself. Just remove yourself from your own path and you won’t be working against yourself; you’ll likely achieve what you want to do. The only barriers that exist are the ones you allow to be there.” The band, never intimidated by the prospect of experimenting with their sound to continually create unique music, is true to their motto that “there is no failure, only a process of elimination, and trial and error.”

While not inherently a political band, Against Himself is not afraid to tackle political ideas and avoid the stereotypical rock and roll topics that ensure record sales but lack a message that would connect them with their audience. When describing the songwriting process, Hunt notes, “I like to talk about things that matter, things that most people avoid. Strippers and coke – they’re great, fuck yeah! But when you’re being robbed by your government and there’s shit going on that’s way bigger, sometimes there’s something that needs to be said. It’s hard to change the world, but the way we know how to do it is through music.”


The Awakening – produced by the legendary Logan Mader of Once Human and Machine Head, and recorded in Las Vegas, NV – features 11 tracks with themes encompassing “the awakening of us, of reality, of people, of the world.” Regarding the meaning of their debut album’s title, Hunt says, “There is a major awakening going on and there’s going to be a revolution, it’s just not going to happen the way people imagine it will. It’s going to be around social media, with the youth being more educated, making bigger and better decisions than the generation before them.” For David as a lyricist, the driving force behind the album’s theme is the ability to share a connection with the band’s audience. He explains, “I’m always the one holding up the show when a new song comes out because I don’t want to write something just to write it; I want it to be real. If every song is real, I will feel it on stage. Our fans watching will get more enjoyment out of it and will feel it as well. The energy connection will be much stronger.”

Above you can read their biography, and where most of their singles go about. This metal/hard rock band Against Himself has released their new album " The Awakening" which I will be going to review now. 

Their first single is " Within" the song starts with amazing heavy guitar riffs and drums, a very good hard rock intro. I love the mix of melodic rock and metal, the message in the lyric is clear and with his voice, he brings it over also with the screams in this track. This is really a masterpiece of a hard rock track, this is a great potential for many hard rock and metal radio stations and labels around the world, not to mention festivals and metal and hard rock lovers. The energy splash out of the speakers, great recording! 

Then we have " The Awakening" with a magnificent intro, full of hard-hitting drums and guitars. I must say There are only a few bands who can make awesome noise rock, this band is one of them. I like the deeper message behind their lyrics, they bring it very well over while playing and singing the lyrics. I really would love to hear them play live, I think that would be an amazing experience with their amazing metal hard rock songs.

" Wake of our Designs" has a calmer melodic intro it has something away from Blink 182, whereby you can hear proper what they are singing about. It is a great hard rock track again with a melodic twist and noise rock. From the start until the end it is marvelous track, full of amazing instrumental sounds and fitting vocals. 

" Heal me" again a wonderful intro full of hard-hitting drum work and the guitar work, and even though their music is very loud I can hear their music is written with emotions or opinions about topics in life in their lyrics. Another potential for many metals and hard rock industries and fans across the world, they make incredible music. 

" Compromise" starts again with amazing guitar slides, great written lyric again. I like the transition from melodic hard rock to noise rock, it makes this band fascinating to hear. This is perfect for many festivals in this genre, they would have their time of their lives hearing them play. 

Their song " Reborn" is really wonderful, great drum work again my credits for all the members of the band. I like his voice in this track, it is better understanding and good as well. The message from this lyric by his performances in this track comes again well trough. I love this track a lot, this could be a hit song everything is amazing on this recording. 

" Machine God" let me start that this lyric is so amazingly written, the intro is beautiful with many instrumental sounds. And again that wonderful transition from melodic rock to noise rock in the same recording, this song rocks from the intro until the end. This is a band to keep an eye on, soon they will be touring around the world and give a lot of gigs. Selling massive tickets and albums, as a band.

" Rio Bravo" starts again with a wonderful instrumental intro by the guitars and drums, I love how they write their lyrics, it has always a deeper meaning. They express it through their wonderful sounds and vocals, very well done by this band. 

" Forsaken" starts with an amazing electric guitar intro and drums, quite spectacular to hear. This is again a great written and sung hard rock track from their album, with melodic vocals and noise rock. I have no critic at all, this is wonderfully done again. Most of what I have heard is so amazing recorded and play, This is really a talented rock and metal band. 

" Shitstorm" wow wicked that electric guitar part in the intro, following up by amazing drum work. Alright in this track is more noise rock, but it fits and they do it very good. They are from the few bands I heard in this genre and doing noise rock and screams who nail it. 

I am at the latest song of their album it is called " Transcendence" the intro is calmer and more melodic, of course, you hear still their great drum work and guitar play but this is less heavy from all the others I heard. I like the variety and diversity they do in their tracks, from metal to hard rock, to melodic rock and rock and roll. Great song again, I love this kind of melodic rock a lot. Musicians and bands who have a deeper meaning behind their music, have my preference and trying to make a message to the world by their lyrics. Another potentially hit song, a Wonderful track again.

I have heard their complete album, and I became a big fan of this band. They make varied songs, their songs are amazingly written, played and performed. This is an album you must hear and buy. Their music should be heard on a lot of festivals, radio stations and whoever has a meaning in this music field. They really have a value as a band in the music industry, even their music is really heavy and loud sometimes. But all they made till now is really stunning, so when you read and listen to their album. Share them and this review as much as you can and give votes and comments, they are really worth it.

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