Dec 19, 2017 11:15 AM

This is Irish musician/singer-songwriter living in London. Just released his debut EP called Tomorrow Means Nothin' on Spotify, Apple Music. Read my album review on Chatsong, listen to his songs and give votes and comments underneath this album review.

This is Irish singer-songwriter Rory Gillanders, he just has released his album Tomorrow means nothing' and is at the moment working on a new album to release. When it is finished I will update this review, for now, I will review this debut ep. Rory has posted a thread with his music-links into the artist's community for you to look up and listen. 

Then now my ep review I will start with the song " Morning Sun".

The intro is great, a lot of instrumental sounds following up his vocal. The background sounds from the instruments are a little bit louder than his vocals, but what I hear is that he has potential and this song have a great level of indie rock. 

When I listen to " Tomorrow means Nothing" which is also the title of the album. It starts with a beautiful acoustic guitar intro and piano keys, then he starts to sing this time it is better hearable and his voice sounds good on this recording. A great higher octave, and at the end of the track there is a vocal part where you can hear how talented he is and how strong his pure vocal sound is. 

Then we have " Bullets" the intro is amazing, full of great drum work and other instrumental sounds. When he starts to sing, I do hear Phil Collins back in some vocal parts. This is a great potential for many rock radio stations, record labels and studios to work with this talented Irish indie rock singer-songwriter. This recording is so far the best song with vocal performances and stunning instrumental sounds by the instruments. 

I am at his latest recording " Be my god" and it starts with a great acoustic guitar intro and drum work, this time his vocals are very clear to hear. This gives you all the opportunity, to hear his vocal reach and what he is capable of. I like this track a lot, there are few parts where he sings so raw and lower but reaches a very beautiful high note. I love the harmonica, which you hear also in this track. 

I have listened to all of the songs on this album, there are very good songs on it. He sure has talent, he has a great vocal sound in some tracks you hear it a little bit better. Most of the tracks do have a potential for radio stations, festivals, and record labels. The album is diverse in sounds, there are acoustic ones and amazing indie rock tracks. I am really curious about his second album and how that would sound vocally and in instrumental sounds. This Irish singer-songwriter is for sure talented, in singing, writing and playing on the instruments, His album for sure has to be heard around the world I hear a lot potential in this singer-songwriter, therefore share this talented Irish singer-songwriter and his album as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.

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