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Bisola is a UK based singer-songwriter delivering inspirational music in a Soul Pop style. She just released a Christmas song and several other EP's, which are on her album that is called " Lessons my momma taught me" Bisola joined as a member on Chatsong and posted a topic with more of her music and links. Read my album review and search for Bisola in the artist's community and you will find her together with her other music links, and social accounts.

Bisola is a UK based singer-songwriter delivering inspirational music in a Soul Pop style. With a passion to touch and motivate people through catchy lyrics and infectious hooks, her life-affirming and emotive songs have delighted audiences since the release of her first single ‘Need a little Love‘ in 2012.

In April 2013, she released her debut EP ‘Holding on to the light’ – a collection of heartfelt, uplifting original songs. Tracks from the EP received radio airplay on Best of British Unsigned, Premier Radio and a host of internet radio stations. 

Bisola has featured in a number of online magazines and blogs for her music including the influential The Voice Newspaper. Her motivational single ‘The Impossible‘ proved really popular, striking a chord with music lovers peaking at No. 5 in the Indie charts (soul genre) in 2014.

Bisola is known for her energetic and compelling live performances and has graced the stages of renowned London venues like The Bedford, Proud Camden, Hard Rock Cafe, Zigfried von Underbelly (I luv Live feature performance) as well as headlined at the highly regarded Nottinghill Arts Club.

Achieving runner-up position for songwriting in the 2014 Song of the Year competition and being shortlisted for other songwriting competitions has inspired Bisola to continue writing and recording refreshing, yet thought to provoke music.

Bisola wrote original music and acted as Musical Director for the London West End stage production ‘Hannah – The Iyawo‘.  Her single ‘Million Miles’ released in January 2017 achieved the no.1 spot on a US radio chart show shortly after it’s release. Bisola’s 2nd EP ‘Lessons My Mama Taught Me‘ which features a mix of songs covering issues of loss, love and making the most of every opportunity, is out now and available on all digital music platforms.




This is soul-pop singer-songwriter Bisola from the Uk, She has released two albums one in 2013 and one in 2017. The one from 2017 and her Christmas release I will be going to review. More information can be found on her website, also in the artists' community, you can find when you search her name more social accounts and music links. 

Then now my album review of " Lessons my momma taught me" the first track on the album is " Nobody".

" Nobody" starts with a great humming intro, and then I like how the music like the freeze and stops. It has an amazing melodic rhythm, great sounds, and a lovely soul beat. When she starts to sing wow I am really impressed, her voice is magical. She can sing very pure, and in my opinion even better than many famous singers who break through on many charts and radio shows or MTV. This is of such a quality, that is almost unbelievable that she is not broken through as singer-songwriter globally. I am speechless, this is what I call new talent and it would be waste if she gets lost among all the musicians and platforms for music. So glad she joined Chatsong, Wow. 

Then we have " A Million Miles" Another great intro, with lovely soul tunes and dance tunes. The song has such a lovely melodic rhythm and it makes you wanna dance. This is really amazing and has high chances to become a worldwide hit single. Everything is wonderful, her vocals the beats and her lyrics. Wow, I really love this track. 

Then we have " Let it Shine" and if you hear her stunning vocals in the intro, you almost think you are hearing Beyonce. She sings with a lot of power, but in this song, when she sings with vibrations It seems if that part is mastered. it is almost not hearable, but I did catch it anyhow she is remarkably amazing as a singer. 

I am hearing " No regrets" Stunning piano part in the intro, and together with her vocals, it is really lovely to listen to it. This song has a great lyric, and when she sings it comes through and hits you inside. There are again amazing dance beats used, it is very uptempo another great track on her album. Also, this song has a potential for a hit single. This is great material for record labels, radio stations and many jazz, soul and pop festivals across the globe. I believe when more will hear this talented singer-songwriter they will stand in the row to work with her on more music albums and make her better and better then she already is. 

I am listening to " Seize the day" it starts lovely with her amazing pure vocals, it is cheerful and she has a very good feeling for timing, there is a little part where something went wrong in this record. I don't know what it exactly was, but it did have the same feeling as a few years back a tape get broken and keeps spinning. Which give me and maybe more listeners the feeling that her voice is mastered or she can't sing at all. Which is not true at all, she can sing very good and can reach beautiful high notes.

I am at the latest song of the album " Tomorrow never comes" and this is quite the opposite from that recording issue in her previous song. This is a very good powerfully pop ballad, and in this track, you can hear her talent as a singer. I must say her strongest part as a singer are the high octaves, this suits her the best. 

Then we have her Christmas release "This Christmas" and This is exactly what I tried to explain in the previous song. When you hear her first note in the intro, it is so high and pure and a very good timing, in my opinion, one of her vocal and purest recordings I heard from her. This really showcases her as a singer, besides that it is an original Christmas single. This beautifully sung and written track, for sure earns to become broadcasted on radio, and television as new Christmas hit song during that period. 

There is one more music single you must hear from her and that is " The Impossible" it starts with beautiful tunes and when she opens her mouth,  the beautifully notes she does there in that video are so pure and strong and gives a highlight of what she more of capable is with her damned good vocal voice, I can hear the emotions in her voice. It is a music video from 2014, but you really should hear this it is really different from the new album and sung amazingly. I really think this is more her genre and style, not that the other tracks on her album aren't good but this is really high class sung and performed by her. 

I have listened to her album and her Christmas release, the album is varied and diverse with lots of great uptempo dance songs and some are acoustic and more in ballad style. There are really vocally strong ones on the album, and some maybe need another view and look how it is recorded. Because from what I have heard on some of her tracks she really is damned good, and talented. She is vocally very strong in some songs and has made very amazing songs and she for sure deserves to be heard around the world by radio stations, fans, festivals, labels and anything else. Therefore share this talented singer-songwriter with her album and Christmas release as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.  




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