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Conversing with Oceans is the solo music project of Alex Bondarev, he is from Russia and has released his third EP. Read my EP review on Chatsong, and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Conversing with Oceans is the solo music project of Alex Bondarev.

His narrative begins in Grozny, formerly of Russia, when the unrest of war led him and his family to immigrate first to India, and then to the Bronx. Having music as his anchor from an early age and as a self-taught musician, he started his first band (A Moment’s Worth) with his best friends from grammar school. Their brand of optimistic rock resonated with audiences as they made front page news of New York Press, won the first College Battle of the Bands (alumni include Mike Posner & Local Natives), and received the Elfenworks Social Justice Award for their song “Dedicate.”

Following the award, Alex and Elfenworks began their official partnership, working together to spread a message of hope. He has since composed music for Google and had placements in national television ads and programs. His compositions have over a million streams on SoundCloud.

Bondarev describes Conversing with Oceans as an even more authentic version of his voice, combining a devotion to melody with his characteristically introspective lyrical style. Collaborating with the team behind the Grammy-nominated “A Color Map of the Sun” (Pretty Lights), he spent the majority of the previous year in the studio honing his new songs, while steadily growing his audience at some of NYC’s most trusted venues (Rockwood Music Hall, Webster Hall & The Bitter End).

CWO's first single "The Gold Rush" led to a one-on-one showcase with Randy Jackson at the 2016 SXSW and quickly followed with a global distribution deal with Sony's The Orchard. The debut EP "PAST. PRESENT. FUTURE." premiered on Atwood Magazine and featured a collaboration with the Grammy-nominated John Forté, who co-wrote and produced Fugees’ groundbreaking LP The Score.

Trilogy, the third EP with producer-engineer Tim O'Sullivan (Childish Gambino, Anderson .Paak), is available everywhere now via The Orchard.


This artist is Conversing with oceans, it is a solo project he just released his third EP. And has released several other EP's Which I will be going to review. Above you can read more about this artist and the progress of his work, more tracks and information can be found on his website below. Then now my ep's review of this Russian Solo project with his collaborations on his tracks, I will start with his oldest song " The Gold Rush" from 2016. 

The song kicks in immediately with beautiful drum work, and compositions. When he opens his mouth, wow I get immediately goosebumps. He is a very beautiful vocal, high and pure. This is really world-class music, it is a high potential for a trending worldwide hit song. He is a top performer, with an amazing vocal reach. I am really blown away by this singer and track,  this is just top quality music and very good produced.

Then we have the single " La Jolla" it starts with a fantastic melodic rhythm, very well great composed I hear beautiful tunes by several instruments and electronic additions. Then he starts to sing with that wonderful vocal, he is really stunning. Wow, I am so impressed by his music, this is music for big networks around the world such as MTV and Billboard. I can,t believe what I am hearing, such a talent in singing, writing and professional production of his music. 

Another track is " deeper" with collaboration artist John Forte, the song starts with great dance beats and electronic tunes in the intro, it is more a pop dance song, with R&b influences I like this a lot. Another great produced track, when you hear the intro and the style of this song, you do not expect an amazing freestyle piece of this collaboration artist John Forte. Love his style and he is also very good as a rapper, this track is really world-class performances. Also, this track has high chances of becoming a worldwide hit song.

I am listening to " heart of a Poet" the intro is stunning, and at first listen when you hear it you hear a little bit Enrique Iglesias maybe it is because of his accent. I like this track so much, it is another world-class produced track. This song has all the elements of becoming trending worldwide on various charts and television channels for music. When you hear this amazingly recorded music, you can't believe he is not signed yet and touring with his collabs in any country of the world. 

When you listen " Wicked Games" it starts with amazing electronic tunes, and then when he starts to sing it is like you are in heaven. I really do hear Enrique Iglesias, in his vocals when he sings. The same octave highness, and that dramatic sound. It is really incredible and shocking to hear such a similar sound, I know that it is his own reach but when you press to play this beautifully track at first listen you will think the same. This artist and solo music project for sure earns an award for best indie act worldwide, man this is really stunning. 

Another track is " See her out" it is a cover track from Francis and the lights, really stunning cover his voice is brilliant. I did become a big fan of this singer, and music project. It is amazing from the intro until the end of the track, no more words need to be written just listen and buy his work. 

Another cover done is " not that simple ( Mike Posner cover), it starts again amazing with that amazing vocal sound he has, and the beats and tunes used in this song finish it. And like that title song, it is not simple to sing that high octave. even I know there is here and there mastering use, but most of his vocals are pure and incredibly high. 

Another release is " Action part 3" the intro is stunning, and great written lyrics. I like the pop beats and tunes used in this production, another great track of this artist. In this song, I hear no mastering of vocals and this way you can hear how amazing his voice is pure. This song has also high chances for a hit song, around the world. 

Action part 3 is one of three songs from his EP "Trilogy" there are two more songs to be reviewed one is " Courage" and one " Open". 

The song " Courage" has again a killer of an intro track, great tunes, and melodies. I like how this song is produced and song, it has great lyrics. The track is catchy from the intro until the end, nice work again. In this song he has a lovely hoarseness in his vocal, it is more a pop ballad but a very lovely one. 

I am at his latest track " Open" the intro is again wonderful with nice tunes, and rhythms another great pop song, it has nice lyrics, and another amazing vocal performance by this talented artist. 

I have listened to all of his EP's and all of his work is brilliant, variously produced styles and genres. this is a top talent, and totally earns to be known and heard everywhere with his brilliantly top quality performances and produced tracks. I have the feeling when more listen to this fantastic work, he has in a short period many fans, streams, radio plays, festivals and he would be touring around the world. So if you read this review, share this as much as you can to make this happen. 






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