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This is Trevor Carlos St John A.K.A Don Carlos was born in Venezuela and grew up in Grenada.In 2007 he enters the soca scene with the smash hit "Leave De Girl". Since then he has performed with artists such as Lava Man, Iwer George, Skinny Fabolous and more. Ready my singles review on chatsong, listen to his music and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Trevor Carlos St John A.K.A Don Carlos was born in Venezuela and grew up in Grenada. He is the undefeated freestyle Champ of Grenada until moving to N.Y. in 2012. In 2007 he enters the soca scene with the smash hit "Leave De Girl". Since then he has performed with artists such as Lava Man, Iwer George, Skinny Fabolous and more. On moving to America he has put out social hip hop such as "Sellout" and "Streets are Alive" which will be featured in the upcoming tv series Brooklyn Blues which he also wrote and recorded the theme for. Now armed with new soca hits he is looking to make his name in the American music industry with his soca and hip-hop.


This is Trevor Carlos St John A.K.A Don Carlos, born in Venezuela and lives now in New York. He makes music in the style African hip-hop, soca, and hip-hop.  He has released just a new single " Soca Miracle " and a few others, which I will be going to listen and review. 

I will pick out the ones I really should you need to listen, he has made a lot of tracks. Let me start with this track "No Beating" it is a message to the listeners that they may not beat women. Therefore, I would like to highlight this track with a general message to all human in this world. Then now about the track itself, it has a very good lyric. The songs start with lovely African rhythm beats, it has a great vibe it makes you wanna dance. His vocals fit in this amazing style, he does not sing but also not talk. It not really rap it is not really sing, it is something between those two. But what he does in this amazing track is really original produced, for sure a great track for all radio stations not necessarily hip-hop. 

Then I would like to highlight this track " Not in Hill Jam " featuring Shine Boi. The intro is really lovely, it opens with great dance beats and very Rhythmic and I like the rap part of the other artist, it is very solid and pure and loves the speediness and the octaves the rapper use. This track is dope and has a lot potential to become a worldwide hit song, it swings and the performances from Don Carlos and Shine Boi are marvelous. They are a good duo together, I hope they will make more together. 

You should hear this track as well " 3 Da Hard Way" featuring Adrian simply smooth and Dj Slick. The intro is stunning, it starts immediately with rhythmic African drums. From the moment you press the play button, it has the enormously great catchy tune which makes you wanna dance. Besides that, both of them performs amazingly in this track. I like how they bring over the song through their vocal performances, and both have a good timing. Another great track to be broadcasted at several festivals, and radio stations and more. 

I want to highlight this freestyle track " Shot Caller" featuring Sir volt and I am Greenz French Montano. The track is varied from his other uptempo African soca songs, it is pure hip-hop. I must say that the freestyle of all three of them are incredibly wonderful, pure and solid vocals. This is really a dope hip-hop track and can be a potential track for many hip-hop lovers, radio stations and record-labels and other bigger music networks.

I am listening now to " Horn In A minor" another great catchy African style track if I must be honest I think Soca in these style songs is more fit for him. I have heard also his hip-hop tracks, these are fine as well. But in these songs, he stands out, so I meant to say this is his brand as an artist, making this style tracks. 

Also this track you should listen " Visa Remix" featuring Keisha, it is again a wonderful dance track, with a lovely female rap piece. Even there is some mastering used in this track, but it gives this track a good boost it is not disturbing, it fits on this track. It is originally African music with hip-hop rap pieces, really amazing to hear that mix. This track should be on each radio station, it really is amazingly produced. When you hear this on festivals, and clubs it really moves your body. 

I am listening to one of his recently released tracks " Timothy Turner" the intro has a great urban vibe again and his vocals in that African style are really lovely to hear. It has great beats, from the start till the end it sounds marvelous. Sadly the song has a duration 1:22 minutes, way too short haha I would love to hear this track longer. Another dope produced song of him, perfect for clubs, festivals, and radio stations. 

I am at his newest release " Soca Miracle" and the latest I will review. The song has again a very amazing dancing vibe through the hard-hitting beats. In this track, his voice is calmer and deeper, another perspective of him as an artist. Although I can hear an enhancer, I like the performances of him in this laid-back urban soca track. The production of this track is again lovely done, I like it a lot. 

I have heard all his tracks so far and I have to admit I like more the Soca tracks from him, with the African beats and rhythms. Somehow it fits totally by this artist, he does have some good freestyle hip-hop parts. The ones I really think could be hit songs I highlighted them in this review, these have high chances to get a record deal as well.  Besides those songs when you play them at festivals or clubs, anyone would love it. So when you read and listen to this artist, support his work and share this as much as you can. 

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