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This is the band The Macarnos with Steven Underhill, Scott Good, and Alex Beckhelling. Formed in the spring of 2012, the band has recently released their newest single "Good Times", a follow up to their debut EP "Right Way Up". Read my new single review and album review which they released 1 year ago on Chatsong, listen to their music and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Performing upbeat acoustic tracks, the guys play all of the instruments, swapping around guitars, bass, Cajon, and lead vocals, with harmonies. More new music is planned for 2018.


This is the band The Macarnos they formed in 2012 and mainly play acoustic. They just released a new single " Good times" and last year they released an EP named " Right way up" in the genre folk and singer-songwriter. Read my review on chatsong about their album and new single, more information can be found on their website. 

Then now I will start with their oldest track from the album it is named " Wanted".  The intro starts with lovely acoustic guitars and Cajon which has a rhythmic sound. The lead singer does have a wonderful vocal, calm and higher but I have the feeling he is holding in while singing. They also sing together in this single, and it sounds good their voices are on the same level that makes it a good trio performance. I hear a lot potential in this acoustic band, they have for sure talent. 

Another track is " Smoke" it starts again with a lovely acoustic intro, and also with a great rhythm. It makes you wanna dance, I like this one more than their previous track.  In this recording, the lead singer vocals are more steady and I hear varied octaves. Also, it seems he is not holding back, there is a very beautiful high octave in this track and it sounds really amazing and pure. This track has more potential for all radio stations, record labels and music lovers around the world. 

I am listening now too "Right way up" the intro is again lovely with the acoustic rhythm sounds, however after the intro, there was a tiny moment where he was not on the right note, he recovers it after that part.  I know the lead singer has a lovely vocal sound, he showed that in the song " smoke". I think higher octaves suits him more as a singer than lower octaves but that is my opinion.  It is not that he can't sing, but he is at his best when he sings higher and hit those notes perfectly.

This song " Just you" another great intro, I like the rhythm again. This time I hear another vocal singer, he has more a blues and jazzy vocal sound. Also, more steady and there are a few parts where you hear incredibly high octaves which he hits perfectly again. This is a very lovely track, and I like the moments when they all sing together. This track has a lot of potential too for radio stations, record labels, and music fans. 

I am at their latest track of their album " Flow" it starts again with a beautiful acoustic guitar intro and a soft Cajon beat. I must say the vocal performances in this track are really lovely, they are pure and steady. I believe it is the same singer as in the other tracks, but here in this lovely calm ballad track, his vocal is the purest. Like I wrote earlier, I hear a lot potential in this band as well in their vocal sounds. They sure can sing and have a feeling for rhythms and melodies. 

Now I will listen to their newest release " Good times" which has a marvelous rhythmic intro as well, like most of the songs there is such a great vibe by the instruments they use. I must say vocally is this one also steady, so this singer does have talent as a singer. 

I have listened to all of their songs, this band has potential. All tracks they recorded are lovely uptempo and are potentials for radio stations, record labels, and music lovers. Only vocally there are parts which are very pure and steady, and some parts maybe need a second look. Not the criticize them, but to make their performances better. I know the lead singer has a good vocal, especially the higher and calmer octaves. So they do have talent, they do have potential and hopefully, they take my advice on their next recordings. If you read and listen to this review, share this talented acoustic band as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.

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