Jan 19, 2018 12:19 PM

Deleo is the new indie-rock duo of the Montpellier scene. Has a multi-instrumentalist songwriter, Later, and a young talented singer, currently a student at the Conservatory, Eléonore. This indie rock duo has released their debuts singles, which I will be going to review on chatsong. Read my review, listen to their songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

From the meeting of these two passionate Anglo-Saxon musicians was born the evidence of an artistic fusion. Evidence confirmed listening to their first titles and their passages noticed on stage. These two are made to get along, and we, to listen to them. Eleanor's aerial voice vibrates with sensuality on Later's delicate guitars. He has kept his adolescent passions for the pillars of the new wave that are The Cure, U2 or Depeche Mode, the taste of dark melodies spiced with impulses pop rock formidable effective. Over the years, his compositions have been enriched with influences as eclectic as electric: PJ Harvey, Archive, Mogwai, Placebo, Foals, Starsailor, etc...

This melancholy duo offers us panoramic creative sounds of imaginary landscapes as vast as they are subtle. All performed in Deleo's personal laboratory, a demanding and prolific group. 

This is indie rock duo Deleo Official,  they are from Montpellier France. Above you can find more information about them, their influences and style. Then now my singles review, they have commented their music links at the Chatsong music community search for Dennis Navarro. I will start with " Game lover".

The intro has a beautiful acoustic guitar intro with a rhythmic melody, then the female singer from the duo starts to sing and she has a beautiful vocal sound, a bit raw and a little hoarse but so heartbreaking. The lyric is also wonderfully written, and when she sings it with that vocal sound it is breathtaking. It is a beautiful ballad song, it really hits you in every muscle and tendons inside and your heart. This track has a lot potential for many radio stations around the world and clubs, bars or festivals and also for record labels. When you have this singer as record-label and management by your side she will turn any single in a hit song, and even vocal she blows many artists literally from the stage.  

Then we have the song " Cosmic" it starts again with a lovely acoustic guitar intro, then slowly the drums kicks in and then she starts to sing in a way that is really amazing. Her voice the way how she sings the octaves, calm and high but in a dreamy way is really magical. Wow, I am really impressed this is top quality vocal performances. If I may be honest way better than much famous pop singers like Katty Perry, Miley Cyrus etcetera. This track is high quality produced music and has high chances scoring a hit single everywhere. Also, high chances to be booked and playing on several festivals and concerts as indie rock duo. I look forward to hearing soon more music from them if this is already so brilliant, I keep an eye on these top talented indie duo. They should be heard worldwide, their music has to be bought. They for sure earn a spot on MTV or Billboard as brand new top talent or any other bigger music channel or charts. To make that happen, share this review with this amazing indie duo as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. I did become a fan and I hope you will become one too because soon they are celebrities, and you all did get the chance to hear them as first on Chatsong.

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