Jan 23, 2018 2:07 PM

This rock band is Silent Hearts, hailing from Marblehead, Ohio, is a band that draws influence from various rock artists. Officially founded in January 2017, the members that comprise Silent Hearts collectively have decades of experience in the aspects of the music business, performance, and production. They just released their debut single and video, read my single review on Chatsong. Also, listen and vote underneath this review.

Comprehensively, Silent Hearts hopes to be an outlet for people to express their feelings and desires when they feel like they cannot do it any other way. Silent Hearts wants to instill hope for the hopeless and be a voice for the voiceless.

This band is Silent Hearts, which is made up of the following members: Ben Pusateri - Vocals, David Gast - Guitar, Mike Drum - Drums, Dylan Kendrick - Guitar, David Dixon - Bass. More information and all other links to social media and music can be found on their website. This band has just released their debut single " Love is War" with a brand new music video as well. Read my single review on Chatsong, from this rock band out of Ohio.

The intro starts with lovely synthesizers following up by hard-hitting drum sounds. Then, the lead singer starts to sing and it is really beautiful, totally fits the style of the genre. I like the melodic touch with the amazing high vocal sound. The lyrics are very strong and have a deeper message which I love as well. It does remind me a lot of Linkin Park and Blink 182. This is a very well produced debut single. This band, with this single, has potential to become instantly known, and scoring very fast a hit single on every radio station. 
This is top talent rock; everything is awesome. This is music that belongs on the television, charts and getting massive gigs and live concerts around the world. I did become ,after hearing them, a die-hard fan and I am sure you will be too. If their first debut single is already incredible, how will their new ones be? I’ll keep an eye on this band. They are very amazing. They should be heard and known around the world and getting more airplay for sure, also record-labels really have to hear them and it does not have to be necessarily in metal or rock. So, when you read this single review, share this review with their music as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.

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